Daniel Craig Neglects To Do Proper Research And Is ‘Duped’ By A ‘Shadowy’ Organization

Daniel Craig has been informed that an organization to which the James Bond star recently donated a huge sum of money is probably not legitimate.

When Craig donated $47,300 to a super PAC called Americans Socially United last month, he was under the impression the monetary donation would be used to support the left-wing campaign of Bernie Sanders. In doing so, The Telegraphpointed out, Daniel joined many other left-leaning celebrities in financially supporting a campaign that promotes free university tuition, more universal health care, and more worker-centric trade policies.

Cary Lee Peterson, the founder of Americans Socially United, was overjoyed to have a large donation from Daniel Craig.

“James Bond for Bernie is pretty cool, you know what I mean?” Peterson mused.

It was recently revealed, however, that Americans Socially United is an allegedly illegal organization unrecognized by Sanders’ campaign, and that the group allegedly lets some of their donors’ money slip through the cracks.

When confronted with this news, Craig played it off coolly in a statement.

“I made a donation to this organization in good faith as I understood it to support Senator Bernie Sanders’s candidacy,” Daniel said. “I have been informed of no evidence to question that my donation has not been used as intended. Should that situation occur, then clearly I will review my position.”

While Mr. Craig was correct in saying that there is no evidence explicitly revealing that the money was misspent, there is some evidence that Americans Socially United is not on the up-and-up.

For example, the Center for Public Integrity recently revealed a letter Sanders’ lawyer had written to Peterson in June of this year, pointing out that the operation was allegedly illegal and causing more harm than good to Sanders’ campaign. They promptly went public with the information in a report, adding that Americans Socially United was an organization who was “routinely running afoul of creditors” and should be avoided by the public.

“The risk of donors being duped is very high,” the report warned.

The aforementioned letter was publicly revealed before Daniel Craig made the donation in July. It could be said Craig has no excuse for falling into the trap other than fiscal irresponsibility. It is doubtful that if Craig had exercised due diligence by researching the foundation before donating quite a considerable sum to them, he would have realized his money was not being put into reputable hands.

Luckily for Daniel Craig, he will be making back his $47,300 plus over $24 million more when he reprises his role as Bond in this November’s Spectre.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for BAFTA]