Zayn Malik Award Votes Ending, Two Smoking Pics Slammed

Zayn Malik has been smoking on social media and it appears that it could not come at a worse time. As a previous winner of the 2015 U.K. Asian Awards, Zayn Malik is back up for a nomination of similar notoriety with Asians U.K. Magazine — just as he is getting ripped to shreds in the U.K. media for the potential nature of these smokable materials he was posing with.

Only a few weeks after he quit One Direction, Zayn Malik appeared in public with his mum to accept the U.K. Asian Awards trophy for the music category. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Zayn Malik was praised at that time for being talented — rather than a good role model.

About a year before Zayn Malik accepted the U.K. Asian award, he videoed himself smoking marijuana with Louis Tomlinson, according to a June 12, 2014 article from the Daily Mail. Zayn Malik never apologized for the incident — but People said on March 19 that Liam Payne did.

Around September 9, Zayn Malik posted a picture on his personal Instagram account of him smoking. On September 12, another picture of Zayn Malik smoking was put on social media. Interestingly, in the more recent photos, Zayn Malik’s t-shirt has the words “super-pig” and “f*** you.” Is this a message to smoking critics or just another shirt from Zayn Malik’s wardrobe?

Unlucky for him, there are many Zayn Malik fans out there that simply cannot tolerate smoking of any kind — and there is a British celebrity writer at the forefront of lambasting Zayn Malik for puffing up. Could this affect his ratings for future awards?

Adding to a voting poll posted to Asian Age, Jeremy Kyle recently ranted about Zayn Malik smoking something hand-rolled like a cigarette or a joint. According to a report by O.K. Magazine on September 12, Kyle was quoted saying the following in his column for The Sun.

“A note to celebs: How you think you look and how you actually look are often two completely different things. Zayn Malik. Posting a picture of yourself smoking what looks like a joint doesn’t come across as cool, dangerous or in any way grown up. You just look like a little kid playing at being a rock star while you are having No Direction.”

However, could Zayn Malik be taking a cue from American news stories about how alcohol is not a safe intoxicant compared to smoking marijuana?

Although intoxicant use is always questionable, especially for those under age 21 (as this Australian Government report points out), there are many strong statements that show marijuana could be considered softer than alcohol consumption.

A Washington Post article from February 23 states the following.

“Compared with other recreational drugs — including alcohol — marijuana may be even safer than previously thought. And researchers may be systematically underestimating risks associated with alcohol use. Those are the top-line findings of recent research published in the journal Scientific Reports, a subsidiary of Nature.”

With this in mind, could it be possible that Zayn Malik was making a statement against alcohol by posing with what might be marijuana? After all, according to an Entertainment Tonight preview of a Liam Payne September interview in Attitude Magazine — Liam worried he himself might have had a drinking problem in the recent past.

In the meantime, for fans that want Zayn Malik to be nominated for the “Top 20 inspirational U.K. Asians,” @AsiansUK says they should tweet their choice along with #AUKTop20.

According to fan posts on Twitter, the polls for the Zayn Malik vote for Asians U.K. Magazine close on September 15.


[Feature image via Keith Tsuji/Stringer/Getty Images]