Chris Brown Gets Joint Custody Of Daughter, Avoids $15,000 Monthly Child Support [Video]

Chris Brown was in a Houston, Texas court Friday, September 11, fighting for custody of his daughter, Royalty – and the judge sided with Brown. Chris, who has never had much luck in court, was seeking joint custody after reportedly being denied his parental rights by ex-girlfriend Nia Guzman, reports Us Weekly.

For months after Royalty was born, Chris Brown wasn’t even aware he had fathered a child, and Guzman kept the daughter she shared with Brown a secret. Once the beans were spilled, Chris began to fight to see the little girl and took action.


According to Us Weekly, after learning the shocking news in March he fathered a child, Brown filed documents the following July to establish paternity. In response, Guzman tried to deny Chris any parental rights and argued for supervised visitation in front of the Houston judge. Although both Chris and Nia now live in California, when Guzman filed to restrict how often Chris could see Royalty, she lived in Houston.

On Friday, the judge sided with Chris, who now shares joint custody of Royalty, but has to return his daughter to his ex-girlfriend every four days. TMZ reports that the judge also ordered Nia to keep mum on social media about the case.

Brown had another big win in court: Guzman was also seeking child support – to the tune of $15,000 per month. The judge, however, granted only $2,500 per month to Nia. According to TMZ, Guzman’s attorneys say the fight isn’t over and believe this is a temporary victory for Brown. They also added that the child support payments will be addressed in mediation.

Brown shared a photo on his Instagram account to prove he was a the Texas courthouse after reports surfaced that he skipped out on the custody hearing. To prove them wrong, Brown captioned the snap “Sorry TMZ, I think u got your info wrong. I’ve been in the court for the last 2 hours.#ILOVEROYALTY,” in response to the false rumors.

Brown seems like a changed man since becoming a father. Us Weekly reports that at the 2015 BET Awards last June, Brown gushed about Royalty and how his life has changed for the better.

“A lot has changed in my life, a lot of mistakes, a lot of lessons learned. The best thing, I’m most thankful for is my daughter. At the end of the day, love is love.”

Hollywood Life reports that after the news broke that Chris was granted custody, ex-girlfriend Rihanna texted Brown with a sweet congratulations. A source revealed that Rihanna is “so happy for him. The minute she heard the news, she texted him and said ‘congratulations Daddy!'” Chris reportedly texted back “thank you mama,” attaching a photo of the singer with Royalty.

[Image credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images]