‘Scream Queens’ Star Lea Michele Wants To Appear On Ryan Murphy’s Other Hit ‘American Horror Story’

Although Lea Michele and Ryan Murphy have a long history of working together, from her past role on Glee to her upcoming part in Fox’s Scream Queens, there is still one of Murphy’s series the actress wants to include in her growing list of television credits. With that in mind, Michele recently sat down with Pop Sugar and discussed her desire to be a part of Murphy’s hit horror franchise.

“I would love to be on American Horror Story,” Michele revealed in the interview.

It is actually surprising that Michele hasn’t already made an appearance in American Horror Story, especially considering she is a hug fan of the genre. However, it is possible that her upcoming part in Scream Queens might open the door for her to be a part of American Horror Story.

“I don’t know if anyone has succeeded in being in all three of Ryan Murphy’s television shows,” she stated. “I know we were saying that we should get Sarah Paulson to come on and be Emma [Roberts]’s older sister on Scream Queens, so then she would succeed in being on all of them.”

Although Michele clearly wants to be the first to be included in three of Murphy’s shows, Paulson has technically already accomplished this. In addition to her ongoing role in American Horror Story, Paulson made an appearance back in 2004 on Nip/Tuck, one of Murphy’s first projects. Additionally, the actress is set to play the role of Marcia Clark in the new season of American Crime Story.

That being said, it would still be great to see Michele included in a future season of American Horror Story. Although the series is gearing up for its upcoming fall release of American Horror Story: Hotel, Michele could be cast for a role in the series sometime in 2017 or beyond.

Despite her desire to be on the hit show, Michele was cautious about overstaying her welcome with Murphy.

“I would honestly love, love, love to do it, but I feel so grateful to Ryan for including me in Scream Queens and I don’t want to overextend my situation here,” Michele told the outlet. “But if he would have me, I would be so excited.”

While we wait to see whether or not Michele makes a cameo in American Horror Story, fans can watch Michele when Scream Queens hits the small screens this coming fall on Fox.

[Image Courtesy: Fox]