Donald Trump Kills At Jimmy Fallon’s Show, But Fallon Trumps Him

Donald Trump’s first appearance on late night television since he announced his Presidential candidature was as easy and colorful a ride as the Republican front-runner would have wanted it to be. Appearing on The Tonight Show can sometimes be a bit awkward for certain guests, especially considering Jimmy Fallon’s penchant for sarcasm, but Donald Trump came out of the show a triumphant man – more full of himself even by his standards.

Much to the mirth of the studio audience, the show started with Jimmy Fallon appearing as a fictionalized version of Donald Trump, all decked up in Trump’s trademark red tie and black suit. Mimicking Trump’s posh accent and exaggerated body language, Fallon sat in front of a dressing table, ready for the interview to commence. The other side, of course, was occupied by the actual Donald Trump, who for his part looked amused at Jimmy Fallon’s antics initially, but settled down reasonably well as the pretense continued.

Donald Trump, for all of his lack of political correctness, seems like a man who can take a dig at himself – and that is perhaps one of the reasons for his abiding popularity. When Jimmy Fallon asked him how he plans to go on about creating more jobs in America, Trump’s reply was curt and perfectly cut-out for late night TV flippancy: “I will just do it.”

By now, both Trumps seemed to be getting into the act. When Fallon quizzed just about how Trump hopes to bring American economy back on track, Trump said that if he could run a business empire, he is fit enough to run a country.

“Look, I am really rich.. I know how to run a business. And I know this: our country is going to be well off with me. So here’s what I will do. First, we have to cut government spending. It’s out of control. Then we have got to lower corporate taxes. It’s become impossible to do business in this country. We have thousands of jobs being shipped overseas. It has got to end. Remember, it is going to end.”

The studio audience was impressed. Trump’s answer was treated with a huge (yuge!) round of applause, but it was time for Fallon to take the show by the scruff of the neck, and he did exactly that.

“I am sorry. I wasn’t paying attention. I was too busy looking at my beautiful reflection. I am like a Greek god who just took a bath in a pumpkin spice latte.”

The audience erupted, and perhaps it was a sign of the control Jimmy Fallon exerts over his show, but even Donald Trump acknowledged Fallon’s rising status in late night television with a slight nod of his head. Donald Trump might have emerged a winner at Fallon’s show, but we cannot forget it was Fallon who held the reins.

[Photo via YouTube]