Watch An Elephant Come To Brunch And Cause A Little Chaos In Zimbabwe [Video]

Tourists were about to enjoy a tasty brunch at Mana Pools in Zimbabwe last week when a young bull elephant decided to join them.

In the video below, we see Irishman Stephen Montague and his brother-in-law Shane Wolf sitting at a table waiting for their food to be served, when a young bull elephant strolls up to them. As advised by staff on the scene, the men attempt to stay relaxed and calm, while occasionally turning to look at their elephant visitor as he saunters casually around the camp.

As reported in the Daily Mail, the young elephant gradually gets closer to the camera, occasionally picking up the odd pod that had fallen from a tree with his trunk and having a nibble or two.

As Iafrica says, the young bull elephant sort of looks like he’s saying “Don’t mind me,” as he casually strolls around.

Having apparently decided that the tourists were of no threat to him, the elephant casually gets much closer to the men and then suddenly seems to take exception to the close eye contact with the tourists.

That’s when everything starts to go haywire as the elephant attacks one of the men with his trunk and then proceeds to knock the table and all its trimmings flying, using both his trunk and his tusks.

It seems the whole adventure was over pretty much as quickly as it started and the elephant once again strolled away from the group.

Fortunately for the tourists, they only got the odd minor bump and bruise and nothing too serious happened in the incident.

According to the description on the YouTube video, uploaded by knockbaun, “As we were eating brunch an elephant was eating pods off of the ground and as it approached we were told to stay very still, which we did.”

“To CLARIFY, nobody was feeding the elephant and nobody threw anything. A pod fell from the tree behind where we were sitting, this is what the elephant was eating the entire time. The elephant which had poor eyesight was startled when it walked upon us. It then swung its trunk and head and hit Shane and Stephen.”

“We respected the elephants territory and this is their HOME. We love these amazing animals and support African tourism. We were lucky to walk away from this.”

As stated by the tourists, Mana Pools is, indeed, the territory of the elephant and the animals must be respected and while scary that they were almost injured in the encounter, the tourists went away with the story of a lifetime to tell their future grand-kids.

As also noted in the video description, some amazing photos of their experiences in Zimbabwe can be seen on the Instagram account @wolfography, including a rather more distant shot of an elephant.

There was also an incredible close-up of the wrinkled face of yet another elephant.

In other elephant-related news, the Inquisitr recently told the amazing tale of a herd of elephants who regularly visit Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia. The lodge was apparently built on an ancient elephant trail leading to a mango tree and every spring the herd strolls calmly through the building en route to the juicy fruit.

As opposed to the current story, those elephants realized that they were on human territory and it is amazing to see the trust the elephants show towards the humans as they stroll through the building with a young baby.

[Image: Screengrab from YouTube video]