David Cassidy Reacts Strongly To Anchorman’s Question About His Bankruptcy – Was He Inappropriately Provoked?

David Cassidy is being described as an angry person who lashed out on the anchors of ITV’s This Morning. The circumstances surrounding the retaliation, however, show a different side of the story.

In the recent airing of an interview with This Morning, former musician David Cassidy rebuked co-anchor Eamonn Holmes for “rubbishing” him. Cassidy appeared on the morning talk show via satellite from Florida. He appeared to be quite cordial, but seemingly lost his cool, when Holmes persistently asked him about his current financial status. The actor appeared quite agitated when he was directly questioned about filing bankruptcy.

Though Cassidy held his ex-wife responsible for his financial setback, he mentioned it had nothing to with him declaring bankruptcy. Incidentally, David Cassidy’s $1.8 million Florida mansion was recently put up for auction and the sale could hint at an attempt to recover from insurmountable debts. But, Cassidy was insistent that selling his mansion and filing bankruptcy had no correlation.

“It had nothing to do with declaring bankruptcy, that was a totally separate issue. I’m doing it because I’m in the middle of a divorce.”

A persistent Holmes lingered on the issue and asked if selling of the mansion would help clear some of Cassidy’s debts, reported MSN. Cassidy offered his response.

“When you declare bankruptcy in this country, it’s something you do in order to reorganize what you have, your assets, so I’m not going to discuss that. I have and I still have fantastic assets. Are you trying to rubbish me?”

When the anchorman tried to speak, Cassidy snapped back.

“Wait….. Don’t interrupt me. When you are trying to separate the assets over 25 years [of marriage], you must do what is necessary and that’s what’s necessary. Donald Trump has declared bankruptcy a number of times and it doesn’t mean he’s poor, he’s simply reorganizing things. I got my advice from my attorneys who said, ‘This is the opportunity you have because you’re going through a divorce’.”

After the interview concluded, Holmes took to Twitter and declared his interview with David Cassidy his worst.


The 65-year-old singer has been through a lot during and after his divorce. At one point, David Cassidy was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. For a cordial conversation, Holmes choice to ask about Cassidy’s divorce, bankruptcy, and mansion auction might not have been the ideal line of questioning.

[Photo courtesy of ITV, This Morning screen capture]