Elon Musk, Colbert Interview Pack Of Lies? Biggest News Story In The United States [Video]

Scott Hough

The United States doesn't realize it yet, but it appears that Elon Musk may be selling hot air. This is an incredibly bold statement, with an explanation that will become apparent.

Elon Musk is making waves across the United States for his Wednesday night interview, as reported by the Inquisitr, published yesterday evening. At the time, it appeared like another run-of-the-mill late night talk show segment, but scientists are starting to wake up to something that does not yet appear to be fully understood by the stock market.

Slate notes that a plan Musk describes on Colbert needs 10 million times the energy of the largest nuclear bomb ever built. Was Elon Musk feeling under-the-weather Wednesday night?

"Committed to promoting exploration of the solar system in a way that protects explored environments as they exist in their natural state." Smithsonian Magazine notes regarding Tesla's stated goals.

The search terms "nuke mars" began trending on social media after Musk made statements in his Stephen Colbert interview. Colbert compared Musk to a super villain for stating that he seriously believes that setting off nuclear weapons on each of Mars' poles is feasible.

To the average viewer, this is reasonable late night talk show banter. It appears that scientists who understand the complete lunacy of what he thought was a good idea, not only in practice, but also in design, was worth a guffaw, or elbow in the ribs of a friend. Investors don't understand the significance, else Tesla Motors Inc., (NASDAQ: TSLA) stock would most almost certainly have moved. Yet, it remained in a tight, short consolidation Thursday and Friday.

Musk's Colbert interview demeanor could best be described as shy and at worst, evasive.

"Super villain" or "Superhero" Stephen asks of Musk. It appears that Colbert has thoughts on the issue.

If Kanye West, Leonard Nimoy, or Miley Cyrus was making these statements it would be worth a chuckle. Elon Musk is not Kanye West or Miley Cyrus. Even Donald Trump could almost be excused for such statements because Musk is held up by both the business and scientific community, while Trump readily admits his incompetence in some areas, most notably, who different radical terrorist factions are, as reported by CNN, though he might complain about it when asked.

How can you be off by 10 million times in calculating such an important number and then get on with Stephen Colbert and discuss it with a straight face?

Now, some might argue that SpaceX is a private company who doesn't answer to shareholders, but Musk is also the CEO of Tesla, and involved with SolarCity Corporation (NASDAQ: SCTY) for which his integrity plays a massive role in the confidence of investors.

What do you think Tesla investors? Does this news change your opinion of Musk and owning Tesla stock? Does Elon Musk look nervous to you? Is this the biggest story in the United States? Was he merely feeling under-the-weather Wednesday night?