Homicide Talks Respect For CM Punk, Hulk Hogan’s Racist Comments, And The Decline of TNA

Veteran wrestler Homicide, who was a standout talent in Ring of Honor and TNA Wrestling and still works on the independent circuit nowadays, was the featured guest on the most recent episode of The Hot Tag Podcast (first aired September 10). “The Notorious 187” discussed a number of topics with hosts Shaheen and Boxman, including his work in Combat Zone Wrestling, Extreme Rising, and other promotions. He also talked about his unceremonious release from TNA shortly after the arrival of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff in 2010.

“Hulk Hogan is the Babe Ruth of professional wrestling. Eric Bischoff, he’s the guy that made the NWO,” noted Homicide. “So, at first it was like, ‘Oh man, they’re coming! This is going to be good!’ And then, what happens? Next week it was like, ‘Ugh! Something bad is going to happen. I don’t know what it is.’ And they came in, they had a meeting … and in about a couple of weeks, he had seven great wrestlers—seven of them—who put ratings on that show, all got fired. I was one of them. Amazing Red. Jay Lethal. It was the stupidest. To me, they came to TNA and they ruined it…They f*****d it up.”

Homicide said he had respect for Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, but added that he felt like their changes were not in step with the rise of newer talent in TNA at the time.

Answering a question from a THT Podcast listener, Homicide talked about his in-ring rivalry with Colt Cabana in Ring of Honor back in 2005, noting that things actually got personal for a while when Cabana insulted Homicide’s family. Homicide said that CM Punk actually intervened on Cabana’s behalf outside of the ring, telling Homicide that Colt wasn’t a bad guy. He went on to discuss his relationship with Punk, speaking highly of the wrestler turned MMA fighter.

“I love him, bro. He’s one of those f******g bastards,” Homicide laughed. “He is, to me, the king of a**holes. But I really appreciate that when you’re a millionaire, you still call back … He’s richer than Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. Think about that … I hope he’s doing good. I haven’t spoken to him for a few months now. He’s doing the UFC. He’s very serious about that and hopefully he wins. I know that he didn’t have…boxing/striking skills but I know that he has good teachers.”

Much like his pal Homicide, CM Punk has something of a beef with Hulk Hogan. After leaving WWE, Punk publicly skewered Hogan on Twitter in a dust-up regarding Punk’s affinity for the Chicago Blackhawks. Punk also had a bit of fun at Hulk Hogan’s expense when Hogan’s racist comments went public earlier this summer.

Later in the interview, Homicide said he had a hard time believing Hulk Hogan’s excuses for the racist rant that was leaked as a part of his lawsuit against Gawker. The indy wrestling star said that he didn’t buy Hulk Hogan’s explanation that his use of the n-word had anything to do with his culture and upbringing.

“Look man, Hulkamania is dead. Let it go. Rest in Peace.”

Homicide closed out the interview by saying that once he retires from in-ring competition, he would love to work behind the scenes as a trainer for NXT or WWE.

[Image from TNA Wrestling via FanPop]