Emma Roberts Reveals Her Favorite Horror Movies And More

Emma Roberts has really put herself out there over the summer months, doing all she can to promote Scream Queens in anticipation of the series premiere, but much of what we’ve seen from Emma has been strictly related to the show. Whether it’s been interviews and teasers about the series in general or in depth looks at the Scream Queens characters, fans really haven’t seen much on the actress behind Chanel Oberlin, until now.

A new interview with 24-year-old Roberts in Parade reveals her own thoughts on Scream Queens and so much more. In fact, Emma reveals a great deal about her own personality and her own insights, even as she describes what she likes best about the Scream Queens characters.

“Characters that aren’t necessarily good or bad, or who seem good but aren’t, or who seem bad but aren’t. There are so many different layers to everybody. Nobody is black and white.”

In particular, Roberts reflects on her own Scream Queens character.

“I love Chanel because as much as she is awful and bitchy and politically incorrect, she is also so smart,” Ms. Roberts said. “She is nothing like me! I didn’t even know anyone like her growing up in L.A.”

The sorority lifestyle may be a new concept for Roberts, who was mostly home-schooled, but Emma reveals that she did attend an all-girls prep school and that gave her a small taste of what Chanel Oberlin has been through on Scream Queens.

“I definitely drew on my all-girls-school days. I started being home-schooled in the eighth grade, so I haven’t been ‘in school’ for a long time.”

Emma Roberts favorite horror movies?

“I am the biggest scaredy-cat that ever lived. Halloween—a classic—and more recently The Ring definitely traumatized me.”

Speaking of films, J-14 was able to find out who Roberts had a crush on in her younger years and there were two actors that really grabbed Emma’s attention.

“I guess the earliest ones were probably Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Orlando Bloom. There was a long Orlando Bloom obsession,” Emma said. “But as Legolas, not as Orlando Bloom. As Legolas, with the long blonde hair.”

And, getting back to Halloween, Emma says that working with Jamie Lee Curtis has been a unique learning experience.

“Every day on set she blows me away. She’s a class act.”

Scream Queens debuts Tuesday, September 22 on Fox.

[Featured image: Emma Roberts courtesy of Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]