Sickles Yearbook Photo Girl: Here’s pics of her Smoking Weed with her Mom

Remember the girl we wrote about a couple days ago who wasn’t wearing panties for her high school yearbook photo – the one we were discreet about because she was only 16?

Well, some of the people who commented on that article led us to some much more revealing info and photos, like this one where she’s smoking weed with her mom. Yes, the same mom who tried to act all concerned about her daughter’s well being by pleading with the school during a television interview to have thousands of high school yearbooks reprinted because one of the photos showed her daughter’s private parts.

Jennajack smoking weed with her mom

Jenna’s MySpace page has been set to private, but only after a few of her other photos were copied and posted to various internet bulletin boards and photo sharing sites, some even have the uncensored photo scanned directly from the yearbook.


Jennajack is the name she goes by on her social networks and we don’t know if that’s her real name or not, but if you want to look her up or do something nasty like, oh, I dunno, send some pics of her smoking the peace pipe with her mom to the local TV station that interviewed her mother, or the local children’s services in her area, we won’t tell, promise.