iPhone 7 Rumors: Apple Planning Its Thinnest iPhone Ever, But It Comes At A Price

The iPhone 7 rumors have already started, with word circulating that Apple may be planning to introduce its thinnest phone ever next year.

Even though the company just announced the debut of the iPhone 6 successors, word is already picking up about the 2016 version of the iPhone, which is tentatively being referred to as the iPhone 7.

Rumors are starting to leak out from the supply chain for the new iPhone 7, with multiple reports indicating that Apple is looking to go thin. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with KGI Securities who is regarded as one of the most accurate when it comes to iPhone rumors, believes the iPhone 7 will be between 6 and 6.5 millimeters thick. AppleInsider noted.

As Business Insider noted, that would be quite a difference from past iterations of the phone.

“This would place the iPhone 7’s thickness in line with the iPod touch or iPad Air 2, both of which are 6.1 millimeters thick. For comparison, the iPhone 6s is expected to be just over 7 millimeters thick, versus the existing iPhone 6’s 6.9 millimeters.”

“So the iPhone 7’s slimmer profile may not sound like much, but it’ll make a difference to your pocket.”

This upgrade seems to come at a cost, however. The report noted that the thinner iPhone 7 likely won’t be able to support the new “super-high-definition” 4K resolution.

Rumors indicate that the iPhone 7 could have some throwback features to the phone that kicked the series off, using the G/G touch technology in the original iPhone that debuted in 2007. The current in-cell touch panels used since the iPhone 5 reportedly have limitations, like lower screen resolution.

Digitimes reported on the touch technology.

“Market observers have recently noted that Apple is in discussions over whether to go back to G/G instead of in-cell technology for future iPhone devices as in-cell technology is currently struggling with various production bottlenecks that are preventing Apple from adding new features as well as increasing resolutions. As a result, touch panel makers are aiming to create G/G touch panels that would allow Apple to create smartphones similar in thickness to current iPhones equipped with in-cell touch panels.”

There will likely be options for the new phone. iPhone 7 rumors from MacRumors suggest that Apple will be releasing two versions of the phone, so there will likely be both an iPhone 7 and an iPhone 7 Plus. The report suggests that Apple will keep to the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch sizes, though there is a chance they shift dimensions to reflect the new thinner phone.

[Picture by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]