Scarlett Johansson Shares Her Deepest Thoughts While On Stephen Colbert’s Late Show

The beautiful Scarlett Johansson has proven that she can get really deep when Stephen Colbert brought her on his new show, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and asked her the biggest, most important questions in life, as reported by the Huffington Post.

“Would you rather have feet for hands? Or hands for feet?”

And of course, Johansson replied with a really intense answer.

“Hands for feet.”

There is no doubt now that Scarlett is a very profound person, with perceptive thoughts and abstract ideas that pale only to the likes of Plato and Socrates. Thanks to Stephen Colbert, we know that now.

As Johansson and the Late Show host lay upon a plaid blanket and gazed at the plethora of stars in the sky, or at least the ceiling of the studio set, the actress had her chance to ask a crucial question, as well. Scarlett confronted Colbert with an inquiry about another talk show host.

“What do you think Oprah is doing right now?”

Colbert responded with an answer that was just as heavy and heartfelt.

“Probably talking to Gayle in their secret language.”

Before any of these questions were asked though, Scarlett started off the night in an interview with Stephen. She showed up in a leather, Black Widow-like jumpsuit, all the way from her home in Paris. Scarlett must have just flown in because she mentioned that she had jet lag.

Johansson spoke to the host about the difference between living in New York and Paris, and how beautiful she thinks Paris is, before chastising Colbert for interrupting her, which was a little weird for everyone watching. Stephen then proceeded to talk to Scarlett in French with a terrible accent and made a joke about her being “lost in translation,” a clever reference to the 2003 Scarlett Johansson film.

Johansson is then asked about her time with Elon Musk on the set of Iron Man 2 and whether or not she has to work out just to go get froyo. With the Avengers: Age of Ultron recently being released and Captain America: Civil War being released soon, it’s only natural for Scarlett to talk about her superhero life, such as stalking the real Tony Stark (Musk) and getting jacked just to eat frozen yogurt. The things that make a true superhero.

Make sure to watch the video below of Johansson in the segment “Big Questions with even Bigger Stars.” You’ll find out just how profound the pair can be and what Stephen and Scarlett plan to have done with their bodies when they die. It involves a soufflé and the Hudson River.

Scarlett Johansson will appear in Captain America: Civil War which will be released May 6, 2016.

[Photo Courtesy of Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]