Female Robber Strikes Jewelry Stores In Three States

There may be a possible link between three robberies in three different states, and the same woman may be behind it. A female robber struck a jewelry store in Georgia, as well as Florida and South Carolina. The female robber is described as having a masculine build.

In each case, the robber was described as a female that tied up employees at the jewelry stores they worked at, and then she loaded up items. According to Business Standard, the female robber struck three different franchises in the three states between the beginning of August and early September. Authorities are now trying to figure out if the three incidents are connected.

According to Daily Mail, the first store that was targeted was a Zales store located near Dawsonville, Georgia. The female robber managed to get away with around $14,000 worth of valuables. That incident occurred on August 5, and the robber was armed with a gun. She forced employees to go to the back of the store, and she proceeded to tie their hands. After she did that, she grabbed some valuables and took off.

A week after the incident in Dawsonville, a female robber in Florida made off with around $400,000 worth of jewelry. Just like the previous robbery, the female was armed with a gun and tied staff members’ hands before making them go into the restroom. The female robber visited the store just the day before she robbed it.

About a week and a half ago, a woman who matched the description in the previous robberies robbed a jewelry store in Bluffton, South Carolina. Once again, she tied up the employees and made them go into the back of the store before she made off with valuables.

Investigators have taken testimonies from staff members at the stores and with those testimonies, they have made able to draw a sketch of the suspect. The woman is white, and she was wearing a blue or purple striped skirt, as well as a lavender shirt, and she was wearing a large, black, brimmed hat when she robbed the store in South Carolina.

It looks as if the female robber is working alone, but according to CNN, authorities are not ruling out whether or not someone is helping her.

As of right now, authorities don’t have any suspects, and the investigation into the robberies is ongoing. The woman seems to vanish into thin air, and she has not left many clues behind.

[Image by Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office / Nixle]