Lolo Jones Tweets About Drake Curse, Promises Not To Blame Him For Her Performance On The Track

Lolo Jones is known for tweeting her mind — sometimes in a hilarious or sarcastic manner. This time, Jones has taken to Twitter to offer comfort to Drake after the rapper was blamed for Serena Williams’ loss at the US Open.

Dating rumors have swirled around Drake and Serena Williams for a while now, and when the hip-hop artist showed up to watch Serena play at the 2015 US Open, those rumors were all but confirmed.

Something else was confirmed: the Drake Curse. For some reason, it seems as if all sports teams and figures affiliated with Drake lose.

For example, the Toronto Raptors went on a losing skid after Drake was named the team’s ambassador in 2013, and the Seattle Seahawks lost the Super Bowl after Drake visited the team in 2014. And of course there were all those Kentucky Wildcat games Drake attended. Now, Serena loses after Drake comes to support her supposed love interest.

So there’s plenty of evidence to back up the Drake Curse, but two-sport Olympian Lolo Jones simply doesn’t care. After all, her season isn’t going so well anyway, she tweeted.

According to Fansided, there’s been some dating history between Lolo Jones and Drake, though to what extent the pair has dated is unclear. Jones also tweeted about the Drake-Serena Williams relationship back in August, this time lamenting her inability to compete with Williams for Drake’s affections.

It’s hard to tell how much sarcasm and wishful thinking is involved in Lolo Jones’ tweets, but it’s clear that Jones has a lot of respect for Serena and her athletic ability. Shortly after Jones tweeted Friday that she would gladly provide comfort to Drake, Jones also tweeted just how much she is a fan of Williams.


Finally, Lolo Jones takes a moment to defend the Canadian rapper for having the audacity to attend the tennis event.

What do you think? Do you think Lolo Jones’ tweet was meant to be humorous in nature? Why or why not?

Find out more about the complicated relationship between Lolo Jones and Drake in the video below:

[Photo by Michael Bruckner/Getty Images]