‘Wonder Woman’ Casts New Villains And Brings War To Paradise Island

Warner Bros. is busy trying to get the move on the Wonder Woman stand alone film and it seems several key ingredients are coming together, giving fans of the Wonder Woman film something for which they can look forward. Several sites, including Screen Crush, are reporting that two new villains’ role are currently being cast with eyes settling on Eva Green (Penny Dreadful) and Sean Bean (The Lord of the Rings) to fill the parts.

As has always been the case in the Wonder Woman comic books, the Wonder Woman film will rely heavily on Greek mythology, casting Bean as Ares, the God of War. Eva Green would be cast as Circe, an immortal sorceress first appearing in the DC Comics in 1949. Circe has always been focused on wiping out Wonder Woman’s entire race, the Amazonians, which would fit in with the rumored plot of the Wonder Woman film.

Previously-leaked rumors have the Wonder Woman film centering on a civil war that breaks out on Wonder Woman’s home of Paradise Island (or Themyscira, as it is also know as) with warring factions competing for power. It seems likely that Circe will figure prominently in that storyline, possibly driving a wedge between Wonder Woman’s people and creating the conflict, according to Cinema Blend.

There are also rumors that Wonder Woman may feature a World War I story, which may coincide with the Paradise Island civil war story, or may take its place all together. It seems more probable that the two aspects are a part of the same plot and that there may be elements of the story unknown to Wonder Woman fans currently.

While it is still uncertain whether Bean and Eva will sign on to star in the Wonder Woman film, it seems that Ares and Circe are definitely the villains fans will be seeing, when Wonder Woman does finally hit theaters. Eva Green particularly would be a unique addition to the Wonder Woman film, though fans of Penny Dreadful might wonder if Green may end up stealing Gal Gadot’s thunder, so to speak. Even in scenes where Eva’s Vanessa Ives is intended to play second fiddle to another character, Green comes across as a commanding personality. It would be interesting to see how Gadot’s Wonder Woman would interact with her.

Sean Bean definitely has the experience to take on Wonder Woman‘s God of War with his ability to take on sword-wielding characters from The Lord of the Rings to Game of Thrones, so he would also be a welcome addition, but the question of availability remains.

[Featured image courtesy of Warner Bros.]