‘Suicide Squad’: Is The Villain Revealed In The Trailer?

Suicide Squad seems to be the film title on everyone’s lips. With production wrapped, and a viral Comic-Con trailer that revealed very little about the plot, fans are clamoring for more information, which is justifiable considering the film will follow another huge DC Universe movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

This week, a rumor has surfaced that potentially reveals some of the plot information and also hints at the main villain of the piece. With each member of the Squad technically classed as a villain in their own right, it will be interesting to see who plays the actual bad guy, someone who goes up against a team of mercenaries that usually bother the likes of Batman, Superman, and Green Arrow.

With a keen eye, you may have already spotted the villain in the trailer, too. Be warned, spoilers lay ahead.

The unconfirmed rumor was revealed by Heroic Hollywood, and it suggests that the villain of the movie could be none other than the Enchantress. This rumor was also reported by iDigitalTimes.

In the film, the character is in search of her dead brother, who she plans on resurrecting in order to destroy the world. The Enchantress is brought to life by Cara Delevingne (Paper Towns). If you take a look at the Suicide Squad trailer, Delevingne is participating in some pretty strange activities, including creeping around dark caverns and soaking in a disgusting bathtub with a pentagram sprayed on the wall. The most convincing clue is a simple one — she isn’t in any group shots with the rest of the Suicide Squad. While this could be an intentional ploy on behalf of the filmmakers, it suggests the character is either against the squad or working alone.

Here is a picture of Delevingne in the trailer.

Suicide Squad Is The Villain Revealed In The Trailer

To DC comic book fans, this rumor slots in nicely with the character’s back story and mythos. For those who aren’t aware, the character’s original identity is June Moone, an artist who stumbles across a magical entity in a secret chamber. The encounter grants her the ability to transform into the Enchantress. These powers slowly become uncontrollable and are later revealed to be a completely separate evil entity from another dimension.

This could suggest that the Enchantress may only be the villain for the movie before joining the Suicide Squad. Also in the comics, Deadshot (played by Will Smith in the film) is tasked with keeping an eye on The Enchantress and is assigned her assassination should she lose control. Whether this comes into play during the movie, only time will tell, but the rumor itself is enough to have comic book fans gossiping until the film’s release next year.

Suicide Squad has been the buzz of the internet since its announcement, mainly due to the involvement of the Joker, a character last played by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight (2008) before his untimely death. Fans have been divided on Jared Leto’s portrayal of the character thus far, through images and snippets here and there, but with Ledger’s explosive performance as the excellent measuring stick, the role will be extremely difficult to step into.

Featuring the onscreen debut of several iconic DC characters, such as Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, and the Enchantress, the film is an important date in DC’s calendar next year, with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice preceding it. With Marvel striking gold at the box office, DC will hope the double header in 2016 can provide the same impact and ignite their franchise.

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad will be released on August 5, 2016.

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