Latest ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Multiplayer Challenge Urges Players To Stay Safe For The Weekend

Agents in the Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer are supposed to err on the side of caution this weekend with the latest weekend challenge. News on the official website reveals that players will need to stay alive during the event this weekend in order to receive a Commendation Chest, a Victory Chest, or both. The mission is called “Safety First” and agents will need to be careful to meet the agent completion and community completion goals.

The personal goal in this weekend’s Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer challenge is to complete five matches without any player dying. For many players, this objective will be easier to complete solo or with a regular team of friends and allies. Choosing the right map and the right enemy should also help those looking to pick up the free Commendation Chest as a reward.

The community goal is a little less controllable. On PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, players need to die fewer than 50,000 times in the Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer. On the last generation consoles, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, players must have fewer than 10,000 times in order to receive the Victory Chest. Unfortunately, this event might encourage some players to just skip playing the multiplayer altogether this weekend so that they do not push the death count up. Also, an event of this nature might inspire a few players to intentionally throw the challenge just for fun.

A few foes in the Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer

Although the single player DLC is reportedly over for Dragon Age: Inquisition, multiplayer DLC is still on the way. As the Inquisitr reported, more multiplayer items and challenges are still planned as evidenced by this weekend’s challenge. It is unclear if more multiplayer DLC packs, like “Dragonslayer” and “Destruction,” will be released; however, a few new classes have been added to the multiplayer without the addition of a pack. For instance, Hissera the Saarebas was added just last week alongside the latest title update. According to the multiplayer forums on the BioWare website, the patch also added new weapons and accessories for agents to locate.

That patch also changed a few of the abilities found in the Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer. Spirit Blade was altered again crucially changing the way the ability works. If the ability is used repeatedly in quick succession, Spirit Blade is very weak. Conversely, if the player uses other abilities first and then uses Spirit Blade, it is quite strong. Basically, other abilities charge the Spirit Blade with power, and using it after executing other abilities makes it very strong.

[Images via BioWare]