Duggar Family Tries To Recreate Reality Series Magic With Amy Duggar Wedding Video, Fails Miserably

Duggar Family Uses Amy's Wedding To Promote Duggar Studios Page

The Duggar family lost their popular TLC reality series earlier this summer after being TV stars for almost a decade, but the former 19 Kids and Counting stars seemingly aren’t ready to let go of their celebrity status. Now that TLC is no longer filming the Duggars, a few family members have taken matters into their own hands by sharing big family moments with their fans.

According to PEOPLE, the Duggar family recently shared a teaser video for Amy Duggar’s wedding on the Duggar Studios YouTube page. A drone was used to create the clip, and it offered fans a birds-eye view of Amy and Dillon King’s Arkansas wedding venue, Horton Farms. It also included a shot of Amy and Dillon walking down the aisle.

A blog post titled “Amy Duggar’s/King’s Wedding (Tease)” is still up on the Duggar Studios website, but, for some undisclosed reason, the Duggar family decided to delete the YouTube video featuring the professional-looking footage from Amy’s wedding. This might be because the Duggar family members who are in charge of Duggar Studios — Jason, Jeremiah, Josiah, and Jedidiah — didn’t actually create the video. On the Duggar Studios Twitter page, the boys recently tweeted a link to a video that looks like a 14-second snippet from the YouTube clip that was deleted. Duggar family friend Elijah Kaneshiro is credited with creating the video.

Below you can see another drone video by Elijah that shows the inside and outside of the Duggar family’s home.

The Duggar Studios YouTube channel seems like the Duggar family’s attempt to create their own version of 19 Kids and Counting. However, the Duggars are having a tough time getting the channel up and running. Now that the Amy Duggar wedding video has been deleted, the last clip on the page is four months old. However, three weeks ago, Josiah Duggar did tease that he and his bros are working on a Western film.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Duggars have been struggling to find a way to make the Duggar Studios channel profitable. The family experimented with a donation button on the YouTube page, but that has been removed. Now Josiah Duggar and his brothers are selling $20 Duggar Studios t-shirts instead of simply asking for cash.

The Duggar family didn’t just use Amy Duggar’s wedding to promote the Duggar Studios YouTube Page. According to In Touch Weekly, “attention-seeker” Jessa Duggar decided to use Amy’s big day as an excuse to remind everyone about how awesome her own wedding was.

“We all had such a wonderful time at Amy’s wedding,” Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar wrote on their family’s Facebook page. “All of this excitement has caused Jessa to pull out her pictures from her wedding and post 100 of them on her website. Check out her album here which includes many never before seen pictures.”

The post included a link to Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald’s blog. Perhaps the Duggar family was hoping to increase traffic to the couple’s website so that they could score a little ad revenue.

Do you think the Duggar family is having a difficult time letting go of their celebrity status and figuring out new ways to make money now that their reality show has been canceled?

[Image credit: Duggar Family Official Facebook]