Manny Pacquiao Demanding A Rematch With Floyd Mayweather

News broke earlier this week that Floyd Mayweather may have violated anti-doping rules during the build up to his mega-fight with Manny Pacquiao this past May, and, needless to say, Pacquiao is furious, and he’s not only calling for Mayweather to be punished, but after the punishment, he wants another fight with boxing’s biggest star.

Pacquiao, who lost via unanimous decision to Mayweather on May 2, is urging the Nevada State Athletic Commission to “impose the appropriate sanction” on the pound-for-pound king.

“If needed, the NSAC should impose the appropriate sanction to sustain its credibility and to show the world they did not give preferential treatment to the Mayweather camp.”

After it was made public that Mayweather was given an IV infusion prior to the richest fight in boxing history, both Mayweather and the United States Anti-Doping Agency [USADA] have insisted that the undefeated boxer’s actions were legal.

Leading up to his fight with Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather was injected with a mixture of saline, multivitamins, and Vitamin C, all of which are legal substances, however, IV injections are banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency [WADA].

USADA waited until three weeks after the mega-fight to inform the Nevada State Athletic Commission of the injections to Mayweather, and Pacquiao is questioning why they waited, thinking that they’re trying to hide something.

“Are they hiding something? For the sake of fairness and for the good of the sport, NSAC must be consistent.”

SB Nation reported that Mayweather broke a World Anti-Doping Agency rule by having an IV infusion in his home in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 1, which was one day before the fight.

IV infusions are banned by WADA because they can be used to mask performance-enhancing drugs, increase plasma volume, and distort values of an athlete’s biological passport.

However, Mayweather received a TUE [therapeutic use exemption], so, therefore, no offense was committed under the World Anti-Doping Agency rules.

When speaking with reporters at his home in the Philippines, Pacquiao simply said that he wants a rematch with Floyd Mayweather, saying that he was treated unfairly by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, who refused to let him use a USADA approved painkiller before the fight, as he was going into the fight with a significant shoulder injury.

“That is why I want a rematch. One without any injury and with fair play. No favoritism. Not one where the Mayweather camp gets to dictate all the terms and conditions.”

Floyd Mayweather claims that he’s going to retire after his fight with Andre Berto on Saturday night, however, not whole lot of people believe that he will. If Mayweather defeats Berto, he’ll improve to 49-0, and be one win away from breaking boxing’s all-time best record, which is held by Rocky Marciano.

If Mayweather doesn’t retire, a rematch with Manny Pacquiao could be on the horizon, as well as another fight with Miguel Cotto, Canelo Alvarez, or a couple of first time match-ups with Amir Khan and Keith Thurman.

[Image via Al Bello / Getty Images]