‘Minnesota Hater’ Taylor Swift Passes Kim Kardashian On Instagram

There is some good and bad publicity for Taylor Swift this weekend. First, the bad news. Citypages has an article on why Taylor Swift thinks people from Minnesota are idiots.

“Our crack Google reporting team discovered some damning evidence of T-Swift, that supposed fan-forward beam of sunshine, reducing Minnesotans to cruel, dumb stereotypes during a BBC Radio interview way back in 2009.”

The video this article uses as proof shows Taylor Swift joking around, not intentionally trying to make bad waves with people from Minnesota. However, some people are looking for any reason to bring down Taylor Swift these days. The perfect example of that was when she was accused of promoting colonialism with her “Wildest Dreams” video. The Guardian tried to make it seem like the video was another crack in Swift’s armor.

“The cracks in Taylor Swift’s seemingly flawless public persona were bound to appear, and it has felt as though the tide has started to turn against the world’s biggest pop star this summer.”

However, most commenters after articles that condemned Swift for her video were in support of the singer, even those who claimed they didn’t care for Swift’s music. It appears that Taylor Swift does have the support of Instagram. CNN has the news of Swift’s latest social media victory.

“On Wednesday, the singer usurped Kim Kardashian as the social network’s most popular user. At the time of writing, Swift boasts 45.9 million followers to Mrs. Kanye West’s 45.7 million.”

CNN notes that Swift’s achievement is impressive, especially since she has only posted 689 times, compared to Kardashian’s more than 3,000 postings. Pretty soon, Swift will be taking over everything, perhaps even the Emmy Awards. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Swift nabbed an Emmy for the Original Interactive Program category. She won for her show AMEX Unstaged: Taylor Swift Experience. Swift starred in, and was an executive producer, on the project.

Swift will likely be a huge Grammy winner early next year, especially given that her 1989 album has been the best-selling worldwide album in years. Taylor’s album has spawned several hit singles, including “Shake It Off,” “Blank Space,” “Style,” and “Bad Blood.” Besides the album being commercially successful, it has also been widely acclaimed by critics. The commercial and critical success make 1989 definite Grammy bait.

Taylor Swift will play three shows in Minnesota this weekend before probably facing another backlash for something she didn’t intend. However, as usual, Ms. Swift will just shake it off.

[Photo by Bob Levey / Getty Images Entertainment]