Woman Has Sex With Unconscious Boyfriend In Norfolk Parking Lot

A Norfolk, Virginia, woman has been arrested after a public sex romp, and now her actions have gone viral for all the wrong reasons. The Daily Mail reports that 36-year-old Kimberly Jackson admits to straddling an unconscious man in broad daylight to gratify herself sexually, and her explanation why is what’s attracting attention. What’s also attracting attention is the fact that she has not been charged with a sex crime. Had the roles been reversed in this case, would the story go differently?

Kimberly Jackson and her boyfriend Earl Palmer had reportedly become intoxicated at some point during the day on Tuesday of this week, before ending up in the parking lot of a busy shopping plaza — which included a daycare center and an Army recruitment center. During their drunk activities, Palmer laid on the asphalt of the crowded parking lot, and Jackson climbed up on top of him. They weren’t merely simulating a sex act, however, which was quickly discovered by passersby.

Witnesses also realized that Earl Palmer was completely unconscious while his girlfriend was riding him for all to see, an act which shocked people who saw it. Someone even snapped photos of some of the incident with cellphone camera, which has only helped this case go viral on social media. Uproxx has even posted about the case, along with some adult sites. With video and photographic evidence of her actions, Jackson had close to no choice but fess up to local media about what she’d done. She admitted freely on television that she was simply in the mood for some sex.

“I was in the mood and that’s basically what happened.”

As for Earl Palmer, he claimed that he was a willing participant in the sex act, but had accidentally passed out in the middle of it — defending his girlfriend against accusations that she had basically sexually assaulted the man.

“I’m here trying to clear her name and let them know I consented to that. I just didn’t finish the job, as you could say.”

Jackson was charged with public intoxication, but was not charged with any crimes associated with the public sexual encounter she shared with her unconscious boyfriend. This comes as a sort of shock since the behavior took place just feet from a daycare center, where children could have been exposed to visuals that nobody needed to see.

Had the roles been reversed in this case and it was Earl Palmer who had sex with his unconscious girlfriend, would people be so forgiving? Sound off in the comments with your two cents.

Photo: Norfolk Police mugshot