Cara Delevingne Bares All On Instagram

Cara Delevingne set Instagram on fire when she posted a series of photos in which she wore absolutely nothing while posing for Marie Claire magazine.

The set of photos were taken from a single picture in which the model lay on her stomach on a green sofa completely nude. The model divided the snap into three sections — one for her face, one for her midsection and another for her derrière. In the shot, Delevingne wore a natural makeup look with a dark brow and a red shade on her lips -- and nothing else. Resting her head on her arm, she gave the camera a serious look.

It did not take long for fans to take notice of the racy shot. Comments were pouring in about the nature of the photo, and the shot of Delevingne's booty sparked some interesting remarks.

"Bad time to open Instagram in public," one follower joked.

"Well, clearly the best part," another fan wrote.

"I was like, why is there a bum on my screen?" wrote another.

But the other snaps generated interesting comments as well. In the photo that showed the model's midsection, a red "A" tattoo was clearly visible. Fans were quick to suggest the A stood for her partner, Ashley Benson, while others referenced the television series Pretty Little Liars.

Other fans wished the actress a happy birthday, which happened to be yesterday. The model turned 28 and many followers were curious to know how she celebrated the event.

Some fans were torn between which photo they liked the most.

"I can't decide which part is best…" one fan wrote.

But there's no denying that fans loved the snaps.

"I'm bewitched," one follower wrote.

"I love this body," another fan commented.

One fan joked that people seemed to like the booty pic more than the cover shot, and if likes were any indication, that seemed to be true. Within an hour of going live the booty snap raked in over 300,000 likes while the photos of Delevingne's midsection and face garnered 170,000 and 128,000 likes respectively. With numbers like that, it is safe to say all the photos were a hit.

One fan told the beauty that she was so pretty "it hurt," while another wrote, "Imagine being that beautiful."

"Artful, and to make a point Congrats on being a bad ass," one fan wrote.

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