Fall Television: ‘Limitless’ and ‘Minority Report’ Are The Networks’ Answer To Cable’s Domination — Will It Be Enough?

September is here, and with it comes new hope for networks in the form of new fall television. Limitless and Minority Report are two shows that the networks are hoping can take the spotlight off of cable’s dominance of late. They are hoping with the help of Hollywood these two shows along with a few new superhero shows can create the buzz that The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones have created.

Minority Report is set to hit the small screen on Monday, September 21. The show takes place ten years after the events of the movie from 2002 that starred Tom Cruise. Minority Report was directed by Steven Spielberg, and it had an original score by none other than John Williams. None of the cast or crew will be back for the television version.

The premise is similar to the events of the movie that were based on a short story by Philip K. Dick. Forbes explains one thing that is returning is the “precog” twins.

“One of the precog twins, Dash, is tired of living in hiding. He wants to help people like he used to. Unfortunately, without the aid of his family, the best he can do is point the police in the right direction… that is until he gets a little too overzealous with one detective particular.”

Despite the fact that Minority Report has a history with big names attached to it, you have to wonder if it is too far removed from the story (13 years) for viewers to care. Fox has placed this in the schedule to follow the sophomore season of Gotham. It could prove to be a big night for Fox if it works out the way they want.

Tuesday, September 22, Limitless is set to premiere on CBS. While Minority Report doesn’t have a star attached to it, the same cannot be said about Limitless. The star of the 2011 movie of the same name, Bradley Cooper, is set to reprise his role from time to time as Eddie Morra.

Limitless will share the main plot of the film. It follows a drug called NZT which enhances the brain power of the user. In the television show, the pill is given to Brian Finch. Instead of the freedom Cooper’s character had in the movie, Finch becomes caught between two different parties trying to use Finch’s new found intelligence for their own doings.

Limitless was kind of a surprise to show up on the CBS schedule this fall. The movie performed okay, but it didn’t seem to do well enough to warrant a television run. CBS also shocked people by picking up Supergirl this fall. Both of these shows seem to fit outside of the company’s wheel house.

What do you think of fall television? Limitless and Minority Report are both expected to do big things. Do you think they will come through?

[Photo by CBS/Fox]