WWE Rumors: Hall Of Famer Talks Being Involved With New Wrestling Promotion In Las Vegas

Jake “The Snake” Roberts has been through a lot during his wrestling career, and his life, but it finally appears as if he is on the right path. He was elected into the WWE Hall of Fame, and word has it that he is now involved with a new wrestling promotion out in Las Vegas that is looking to go back to the “old school” days of wrestling.

WrestleZone conducted an interview with Roberts and Diamond Dallas Page, and there was a lot talked about. One of the things is that of Roberts’ health, and he says that he’s been doing great physically, but he’s set to have hip replacement on his right side soon.

After that, the conversation got into what Jake Roberts is doing with his life, and he teased that he will be a part of a big, new wrestling promotion that is out in Las Vegas. Roberts states that the promotion is going back to “old school” and even has over 80 talents already signed on to compete.

The promotion, which Jake Roberts didn’t mention by name, is going to run seven days a week and it will feature a number of wrestling legends. Each legend will have eight wrestlers assigned to them, and they will be trained and compete under that person.

Rumor has it that Roberts could be involved with the Classic Wrestling Revolution which also includes Shane Douglas and Road Warrior Animal. Animal (Joe Laurinaitis) spoke earlier this year about the promotion which he just called “Revolution” at the time.

He said that it will be a new promotion in Las Vegas that will be going “back to basic, going back to kayfabe.” That was when Animal said that he was done with WWE because it appeared as if they didn’t want him, and all his attention would be going to CWR.

“I’ll put my talents into that (CWR). I’m not going to spin my wheels and beg to go to WWE anymore. I’m not doing that. I’ve asked long enough, with my brother working there, and not getting a positive response. I’ve never burned a bridge with WWE, so I’m tired of trying, to be quite honest.”

Jake “The Snake” Roberts was just voted into the WWE Hall of Fame last year, and he is said to be doing better than ever. With the help of Diamond Dallas Page and DDP Yoga, his life has been turned around and put back on the right track.

Classic Wrestling Revolution is quietly building up to be a possibly huge promotion in Las Vegas, and could very well expand to be even bigger. Bringing in a legend like Jake “The Snake” Roberts only gives them more credibility and allows the legend to showcase his talents to new generations.

[Image via WWE]