Headless Body Found On Beach Identified As Office Clerk Calum Terras, Who Went Missing 8 Months Ago

The headless body that was washed ashore at Blackpool beach in August has been identified as 27-year-old office clerk Calum Terras, who went missing eight months ago, reported the Mirror. Terras’ body was found by a fisherman, Michael Cartwright, 60, who said “It was like a torso. I am not sure if it was male or female. It was next to the sea wall. I spotted it and asked a young lady to call the police.”

A month later, it was confirmed that headless body belonged to Terras, who was last seen at his grandparents’ house in Blackpool, Lancashire, on January 5. He told his grandparents that he was on his way to get a haircut and afterwards visit the doctor. However, it was soon uncovered that he never had an appointment.

Police have yet to reveal how the man died or how he ended up at the Blackpool beach, but his friends and family are devasted over the loss.

“I was the closest person to Calum, as we shared a room at my nan’s for 15 years,” said Terras’ brother Iain Terras. “He was my ‘go to’ and everyone’s, whether it be problems with computers or seeking advice on life. Calum would find strengths in people and would encourage them to try and reach their goals in whatever it may be in life.”

“Calum spent a lot of time on his computer and made many online friends through gaming who he considered his true friends and would go and meet in person.”

According to International Business Times, Terras’ brother is also saddened that his brother never got the chance to meet his nephew Archie, who was born in May.

“Archie is a beautiful, happy boy just like Calum before the mental illness,” he added. “Calum did try his hardest to seek help, even trying to admit himself to a mental health hospital.”

“He truly was an amazing and a kind loving person. He would go out of his way to please anyone who crossed his path and would bend over backwards to make a small difference in people’s lives,” Iain added.

After the body was identified, Terras’ family released a statement, saying “Our Calum, or ‘Uncle Cal’ as he was affectionately called by his nephew Alfie, was a much loved son, grandson, brother, cousin and friend who was a decent, caring, intelligent, considerate, witty man with old school values.”

“He was very funny and had great banter, particularly with his siblings and his cousins. A family friend only recently commented that the world will be a worse place without him and for us that is certainly true. We are an extremely close family and have been deeply worried since he went missing.

“The home he shared with his nan and granddad has felt empty since the day he left and now we are going to have to come to terms with life without him, which will never be the same.

“He was a sweet natured person and used to leave thoughtful, sentimental handwritten notes to family members, especially his nan and granddad, to remind them just how special they were to him and how much he loved them.

“He always said that he didn’t want to die or be a burden, he just wanted to be happy.”

Although police officials say “there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding Calum Terras death,” they are still investigation and keeping his family up-to-date throughout the process.

[Image courtesy of Carl Court / Getty Images]