Has Ben Higgins Found Love With Tenley Molzahn? Will Nick Viall Step In To Be The Next ‘Bachelor’?

Recent revelations regarding Ben Higgin’s love life may put his role on The Bachelor in jeopardy. According to Realty Today, an inside source has revealed that Higgins and Tenley Molzahn may be flirting with the idea of a relationship. If this is true, is there a chance that Nick Viall might be up to replace Higgins in the upcoming season?

Reports that Higgins and Molzahn were seeing each other surfaced after Higgins posted an image to his Instagram account. The photo featured Molzahn and Higgins with a group of people hanging out at a bar in Colorado.

Although the image immediately sparked speculation that the two were moving past the friendship zone, the inside source revealed that they haven’t moved forward with anything, at least not yet.

“They want to hook up but haven’t. They’re being careful not to jeopardize Ben H.’s Bachelor stint,” the insider revealed.

The source went on to add that Molzahn is not likely to become a contestant on the show because she doesn’t like the idea of competing with a bunch of other women for Ben Higgin’s hand.

“Tenley wants to be pursued, not the pursuer and she doesn’t want to be put in the insecure position of competing with a bunch of girls,” the source explained.

However, if Higgins really is in a relationship with Molzahn, then his role as the lead man on the upcoming season of The Bachelor would certainly come into question. Although this is pure speculation at this point, if Higgins is removed from the show, then it is likely that Viall would be heavily considered to take over the spot.

As fans remember, Viall has been included in two seasons of The Bachelorette. Although Viall came in second place in both seasons, most recently being rejected by Kaitlyn Bristowe, the reality star was one of the top candidates for the new season of The Bachelor.

Further, Viall has clearly expressed an interest on being on The Bachelor, so if Higgins does drop out it’s a good chance fans will see Viall fill the role as the series enters its 20th season. Whether or not this would sit well with fans would be interesting to see unfold.

Whatever ends up happening with Ben Higgins, a decision is likely to go down soon. The production of season 20 of The Bachelor is expected to start up anytime now, with the series premiering sometime in 2016.

[Image Courtesy: ABC]