WWE News: Randy Orton Written Off WWE TV After Wyatt Family Attack

Randy Orton is a multi-time WWE champion and a future WWE Hall of Fame entrant. He’s had his fair share of success in pro wrestling, while creating a legacy separate from his ancestors. The third-generation wrestler uses his skills to act smooth in the ring, almost making it look too easy. Orton started as the Legend Killer and has now transitioned to the Viper.

Over a decade in the WWE has gone by and Orton is still near the top of the food chain. In the last year, his stock has dropped, but there isn’t anything left for him to accomplish. He’s won the Money in the Bank briefcase, won the Royal Rumble, main evented WrestleMania, and captured the WWE championship.

His most recent development came at WWE Raw, when rumors started to flare about Orton joining Reigns and Ambrose against the Wyatts. Randy Orton was about to be the third team member of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose group, but the Wyatt Family took him out before they had the chance. WWE fans still think he is the mystery partner.

According to PWInsider and Ringside News, Randy Orton isn’t scheduled to be on WWE TV for the foreseeable future.

“There’s been some speculation that Randy Orton was either teaming with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose at WWE Night or Champions [sic] or perhaps the attack from The Wyatt Family on RAW was to write him off TV for another vacation.”

PWInsider notes that WWE creative sources report Orton is not currently figured into any storyline plans for the next few weeks, including Night of Champions. It appears the angle with the Wyatts was done to write Orton off TV for a few weeks.”

Like Top Rope Press mentions, Orton was written off television in November for a similar thing. He took a vacation, which left a void near the main event scene in the WWE. To be candid, Orton isn’t valuable on top of WWE anymore. Unless they are planning something big for Orton in the future, his time as WWE champion may not come back.

The way they booked Orton against Seth Rollins worked effectively. It especially helped Rollins get over as a bigger heel in the company. WWE fans backed Orton and defected against Rollins, which was the plan the entire time. As the rest of the year commences, the WWE Universe may not see Orton until the Royal Rumble. If that’s the case, is Orton’s stock ultimately dropping to mid-card veteran status?

[Image via Bleacher Report]