Identical Twin Sisters Jena And Jill Lassen Married To Identical Twin Brothers Phil And Doug, Live In Same House [Video]

No, you aren’t seeing double. The photo shows a set of identical twin sisters Jena and Jill Lassen, now 48, who are married to a set of identical twin brothers, Phil and Doug Malm, now 58, and live in the same house with their children, who also look alike.

The two sets of twins met at the annual Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, in 1991, according to Inside Edition.

Twinsburg, which today hosts the largest gathering of twins in the world, was founded by identical twins Moses and Andrew Wilcox, who purchased and named the 4,000 acres of land where Twinsburg now stands.

The brothers proposed to the sisters at the festival in 1992, and on August 7, 1993, Phil and Doug Malm of Moscow, Idaho, married Jena and Jill Lassen of Battle Creek, Michigan, at the festival.

According to Desert News, which reported the event in 1993, the brothers wore identical tuxedos while the sisters wore identical white dresses after trying 53 white dresses.

After they got married, the couples moved into the same house in Moscow, Idaho. And now they have a child each.

Phil and Jena have a boy, Tim, while Doug and Jill have a daughter, Rylie. And although Tim and Rylie are classified as cousins, they are actually siblings in genetic terms.

Living together under the same roof further compounds the situation in which each set of twins is difficult to distinguish. Visitors to their home now face the additional challenge of distinguishing one couple from the other.

Strangers might be surprised, but friends and family members who have known Phil and Doug for years were probably not surprised to learn that they married another set of identical twins and live under the same roof with their wives.

Phil admitted that people find it difficult to understand why two couples would want to live together.

But Phil and Doug, who married at 36, had lived together all their lives and saw no reason why they couldn’t continue living after they were married.

Phil said that having lived together for so long, they have a “twin bonding problem.”

“People don’t understand why we want to live together. It’s just that twin bonding thing that we have no problem with.”

They felt strongly attracted to Jena and Jill when they met the sisters at the Twins Days Festival in 1991.

The Lassen sisters, graduates of Western Michigan University, who married at 26, have lived apart for only three days in nearly three decades of their lives, when one of them was hospitalized.

The brothers proposed to the sisters at the festival the year after they met. They went on stage and grabbed the microphone to make their proposal.

The couples then returned the next year to the same stage to get married, according to the Twinsburg Bulletin.

Of course, the Malms are not the first twins to have married another set of identical twins. According to the Daily Mail, Melanie and Rachel married Nathan and Scott after a chance meeting in a hallway.

The couples have also attended the Twins Days Festivals for years.

The Malms attended this year’s festival — the 40th annual Twins Days Festival — for their anniversary, 22 years after they married, according to Inside Edition.

The 2015 Twins Days Festival was attended by more than 2,000 sets of twins from all over the world, including Japan, England, and Australia.

[Image: Inside Edition, video screenshot]