Colorado Movie Theater Shooting: Hundreds Of Never-Before-Seen Photos Released By Prosecutors

Warning: Some may find the graphic images contained within disturbing.

James Holmes was sentenced to life in prison for the mass shooting at a Colorado movie theater which left 12 dead and numerous others injured. In the wake of the sentencing, the Aurora Police Department and Arapahoe County District Attorney’s Office released some never-before-seen images from the horrific crime scene.

The Daily Mail reports that following the sentencing of mass murderer James Holmes, a series of photographs taken from the crime scene were released to the public. The never-before-seen photos show the bloody aftermath of the shooting which left 12 people dead. In the photographs, you can see the bullet-ridden movie theater where blood splattered the walkways and stairs. The seat cushions were torn apart by the flying bullets along with copious amounts of spilled popcorn and candy. One image showed a pair of bloody pink flip-flop sandals left behind as the victims fled the building.

Aurora Movie Theater Shooting Photo
Image shows the bullet-ridden movie theater seats.

In the photographs, you can see that that the mayhem eventually spilled over into the lobby and down the outside sidewalks. The sidewalks were splattered in blood with various pools of blood and piles of bloody clothing. Images also show James Holmes’ vehicle parked outside of the theaters emergency exit.

Aurora Movie Theater Shooting Photo 2
Blood coats the floor at one of the emergency exit doorways.
Aurora Movie Theater Shooting Photo 2
A victim's blood-soaked flip-flop sandals can be seen laying outside of the theater's exit alongside pools of blood and a gun.
Aurora Movie Theater Shooting Photo
A bloody trail could be seen outside of the movie theater along the sidewalk.

According to witnesses and the police report, James Holmes entered the Aurora, Colorado movie theater like any other movie patron. He watched about 20 minutes of The Dark Knight Rises alongside his victims before exiting the theater through an emergency exit. Holmes propped the door open with a plastic tablecloth holder before making his way to his parked vehicle where he put on tactical gear and a gas mask. He loaded his weapons and re-entered the theater through the propped open door. Holmes then fired on the unsuspecting crowd, first targeting those seated in their chairs and then those attempting to flee down the stairway.

Aurora Movie Theater Shooting image
Image shows the path of a number of the bullets that flew across the theater. Bullets made their way through the walls into an adjacent movie theater that was also playing "The Dark Knight Rises".

After police arrested gunman James Holmes, they made their way to the madman’s home to continue their investigation. They found a series of booby-traps that included a number of explosives and home-made bombs.

Aurora movie theater shooting
Image of the home-made bombs and traps set by the madman in his home.

What do you think of James Holmes’ life sentence? Should he have been put to death for the mass movie theater shooting in Colorado?

[Image Credit: Arapahoe District Attorney/ Aurora Police Department]