Technorati, the little service that couldn’t

At one time regardless of the number of new bloggers that poop-up up a daily basis one of the first ting we all did was to sign up for a Technorati account. This was the best way at the time to see how well our blog(s) where doing against the rest of ht blogosphere. It was out of the Technorati listings that we first got use to the term of a-Listers as well has our own ranking based on the number of discovered links that linked back to our posts..

Over the years though as the service tried to find new ways to make relevant to bloggers of all types that have showily moved further and further away from their core business – being an valuable ranking system an blog discovery system for other bloggers. Unfortunately even with their new leadership this divergence for the core business has progressed even further; with the individual becoming secondary to mainstream media being the driving force for a service barely limping.

In fact if you look at the numbers that have been collected by Dean Takahashi from the VentureBeat Blog it is easy to see that rather than the individual blogger; or the small blog networks it is all about mainstream publication taking over the ranking systems. In his breakdown Dean provides the numbers for the last 30 days – as well as the gainers and losers.

New to the top 50
The Dallas Morning News
San Jose Mercury News
Star Tribune

Out of the top 50
US News World Report
Rolling Stone
Christian Science Monitor
International Herald Tribune (now part of

Five biggest gainers in rank
The Houston Chronicle
Google News
NY Post

Five biggest losses in rank
The Economist
Chicago Tribune
The White House
Financial Times

Five biggest gainers in attention
The Wall Street Journal
LA Times

Five biggest losses in attention
The Boston Globe
Financial Times
The Economist

Overall Rankings and Attention
1. YouTube 60,644
2. The New York Times 17,374
3. 8,039
4. The Wall Street Journal ­7,513
5. The Washington Post 6,891
6. CNN 6,330
7. ­5,380
8. Yahoo! News 5,070
9. MSNBC 5,036
10. The Los Angeles Times 4,536
11. Reuters ­4,314
12. FOX News 4,001
13. The Boston Globe 3,838
14. USA Today 3,619
15. Daily Mail 3,530
16. Time 3,524
17. BBC News 3,399
18. NPR 3,189
19. NY Daily News 2,588
20. Forbes 2,534
21. San Francisco Chronicle 2,420
22. Slate 2,187
23. CBS News 2,156
24. Google News 2,093
25. Wired 2,062
26. Financial Times 2,056
27. PBS 2,053
28. NY Post 2,025
29. San Francisco Examiner 1,968
30. BusinessWeek 1,949
31. The White House 1,929
32. Salon 1,928
33. Chicago Tribune 1,924
34. Newsweek 1,880
35. CNNMoney 1,712
36. CBC 1,696
37. Yahoo! Finance 1,642
38. The Economist 1,565
39. New York Magazine 1,550
40. 1,288
41. The Houston Chronicle 1,120
42. Science Daily 1,093
43. MarketWatch 1,076
44. People 1,066
45. Miami Herald 1,049
46. The Seattle Times 1,049
47. Yahoo! Sports 1,047
48. The Dallas Morning News 939
49. San Jose Mercury News 879
50. Star Tribune 877

These are the top mover and shakers of the Technorati service, and where even a really a year a go you could still find some of the big name tech bloggers it would seem that those day’s are long gone.