George Clooney Extremely Concerned About Amal’s Safety In Maldives

Amal Clooney, a notable human rights lawyer, has taken on a rather “perilous legal mission” that involved a visit to the Maldives to carry out her work. George Clooney has spoken in regards to the matter and has voiced his concerns for his wife’s safety while in the Maldives.

As the Daily Mail shares, Amal is involved in an extremely high-profile case.

“George Clooney’s wife Amal is currently fronting the international battle to end his term as part of the ex-leader’s high-profile legal team.”

When Clooney chatted on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he discussed the issue candidly and concernedly. ET Canada relays the Ocean’s Eleven star’s words.

“It’s a tricky place to be right now. Her co-council was just stabbed in the head a few days ago. It’s a dangerous place to be right now. I’m very concerned with her being there, quite honestly.”

Rightly so, as Amal has been separated from the usual glitz and glamour she has found herself surrounded with since her relationship and marriage with George began. As the entertainment site notes, Amal has ventured to the Maldives to meet with the country’s former president Mohamed Nasheed, who is currently a prisoner there. The situation has been described repeatedly as “really dangerous.”

Nasheed, as noted by the Mail, has been sentenced to 13 years in prison “for counts of terrorism.”

George’s stunning and intelligent wife is working the case pro bono in defense of the previous head of state. A source close to George Clooney expands as to Nasheed’s character and the dangerous circumstance for Clooney to be involved in.

“President Nasheed is a really good, forward-thinking man, in a really dangerous situation, and Amal being there is really tricky and really dangerous.”

The mission is so perilous, in fact, that, as George noted on The Late Show, Amal’s co-council was recently stabbed in the head while undergoing necessary protocol and duties as council in the case. Clooney’s co-council was victimized just outside of his hotel and remains in critical condition at a local hospital. Since the stabbing, Amnesty International has released a statement in response, as relayed by ET Canada.

“[Maldives authorities] ensure that human rights defenders can work free from fear of reprisals.”

Clooney has made her third appearance in court to appeal the conviction of the former leader, which was made in January 2015. The Daily Mail informs that “[t]he charge [being appealed by Clooney] relates to the ordering of the arrest of an allegedly corrupt judge when Nasheed was still president in 2012.”

[Photo by Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images]