Kendra Wilkinson Cheating Rumors: Wilkinson Confirms She’s Been Texting Other Guys In ‘Kendra On Top’ Episode

The Kendra Wilkinson cheating rumors have run rampant during the past few months, but until this point, little had been confirmed where Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett’s relationship was concerned.

That all changes on Friday’s episode of Kendra on Top. During the September 11 episode of the reality TV show, Kendra admits that she has been text with some other men, and frankly, some of those texts turn her on!

“I have some guys I’ve been texting lately that I think are not just in the friend category. Even just a hey from a guy from my past turns me the f–k on.”

The revelation comes during a get together between Wilkinson and some of her girlfriends. During the same conversation, Wilkinson says that she began looking at other men again after the Hank Baskett cheating rumors in 2014.

“Now, because of the shakeup, I looked at other men again. It just sucks being hurt.”

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett’s marriage nearly fell apart in 2014 after cheating rumors indicated that Baskett may have cheated on Wilkinson with a transgender woman.

So it seems as if the Kendra Wilkinson cheating rumors may have some credibility — according to the former Playboy Playmate herself.

The same Kendra on Top episode also features an argument between the couple. The argument, which is regarding the Kendra Wilkinson cheating rumors, is a bit one-sided, as Hank angrily explodes at Kendra, and she simply laughs.

The scene features Hank frustrated about photos of Kendra and soccer player Jimmy Bullard taken during Kendra’s trip to London. On the trip, which was shown earlier in the season, Kendra and Jimmy Bullard appear to get cozy.

During the confrontation, Hank asks Kendra “Don’t you miss Jimmy yet?” to which Kendra simply laughs uncontrollably. Hank then tells Kendra that she obviously doesn’t understand why the cheating rumors make him upset. Kendra simply continues to laugh and agrees that she doesn’t comprehend Baskett’s ire. Hank continues in the fact of Kendra’s giggles until finally he gives up.

“See, look, you laugh about it like you really don’t care that it upsets me.”

What do you think of Kendra’s revelations? Do you think she lends credibility to the Kendra Wilkinson cheating rumors? Could the rumors actually be true?

After the allegations that Hank Baskett cheated, he and Kendra Wilkinson did a “marriage bootcamp.” Do you think the same could be in the future if the Kendra Wilkinson cheating rumors are true?

[Photo by Robin Marchan/Getty Images]