Little Girl Scared Of Her Own Shadow: Mike Jacobs’ Facebook Video Gets 8 Million Views In 18 Hours [Video]

It doesn’t take long these days for Facebook videos (or any other video) to go viral. That’s the lesson that Mike Jacobs learned when the Pittsburg Steelers fan uploaded a video to Facebook of his daughter getting scared by her own shadow. The video has received more than eight million views in the 18 hours since Jacobs uploaded the video to Facebook. Credit the more than 343,000 Facebook shares that the video currently holds with pushing that viewership number through the roof.

The cuteness of the video makes it a winner. The Facebook video begins with a female voice (presumably Sharain Jackson-Jacobs featured in the title of the Facebook video) asking the little girl if she is ready to go to sleep. The adorable toddler looks sleepy and cranky as she runs around a parking lot. It sets her off to cranky-land when she sees a dark mass following her, shaped just like her — a shadow that she can’t run away from in the blazing sun.

“What’s the matter? Hm? Are you ready to go night-night? Come on… come on, mama…”

As promised in the title of the Facebook video, after waiting for the little girl’s reaction to her shadow, viewers are rewarded with a laugh at her reaction. It’s only a 35-second video, but it is winning major views and praise on Friday, September 11, a day that could use levity as folks remember the horrible happenings of the day 14 years ago.

As noted by the Today show, the little girl being afraid of her own shadow is a common theme among other cute videos of the same ilk found on YouTube. And speaking of YouTube, some of Jacobs’ Facebook friends are urging him to upload the video to YouTube. Nick Nelson suggested that Mike do so in order to take advantage of advertising revenue that the video could bring the Jacobs Family.

“All these views on YouTube would get you a $20,000 check from the advertisement on this page from this video you know!? Load to YouTube and make a page.”

The fear of her own shadow sent the little girl tumbling to the ground and screaming. Even though it is a bit of a chuckle at the toddler’s expense, it does harken back to that famous saying about folks being afraid of their own shadows. It even makes adults think of the times they’ve jumped at their own shadows whilst home alone and laughed at their own silly fears.

[Image via Facebook]