MTV Star Leah Messer Receives Backlash On Facebook Due To Alleged Drug Use On ‘Teen Mom 2’

MTV star Leah Messer claims she’s no drug addict, but according to a recent post on social media, not many believe her. As the MTV star continues to act questionably on season six of Teen Mom 2, fans continue to doubt her claims, and after Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert both spoke out against her, alleging she may be hiding a drug problem or addiction issue, speculation has reached its peak.

On September 10, the MTV star asked her Facebook followers who would be tuning in to the night’s new episode, and what she got in response was tons of backlash due to her alleged issues with an addiction to prescription pain pills. Below are several viewers’ comments to and about the MTV star.

“Leah needs to get off the pills, she’s not fooling anyone.”

“Please get some real help… ‘Therapy’ is useless. Life is so much better on the other side of fear and denial.”

“I’m sorry but you’re full of it… You’re not on drugs?! Please… You can spot it a mile away. Every time you fall asleep in mid conversation or start slurring your words, you’re giving yourself away.”

“If Jeremy is smart he should get all the receipts of exactly where the [child support] is going to, to make sure it’s going towards his daughter and not Leah’s addiction to meds.”

“Why keep denying that she has a drug problem? I believed her at first, but now she looks so out of it in every episode…especially tonight’s.”

Throughout the sixth season of Teen Mom 2, the MTV star has addressed rumors of a possible addiction to the pain pills she was prescribed due to a painful birth in February 2013. However, according to Messer, the claims of others have no truth. Although Simms alleged Messer was hiding a “drug problem,” and Calvert spoke of her medication possibly leading to an “addiction issue,” the MTV star, who went to treatment during season six, insists there’s nothing to be concerned about — aside from her issues of anxiety and depression.

Still, the MTV star’s reported drug abuse was rumored to have led to her second divorce from Calvert. Last month, OK! Magazine revealed Calvert told a friend he felt it was “obvious” the MTV star was suffering from addiction, and also said her medication affects her behavior.

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