‘Real Housewives’ Reunion: Did Vicki Dump Brooks To Avoid Meghan Confrontation?

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds may be the wrong person to hang out with if you are faking cancer. While Meghan herself may not be affected by cancer or fighting for her life, she does have people in her life who have lost their individual battles. More recently, Jimmy's ex-wife lost her battle and Meghan's stepdaughter Hayley was left without a mother.

So when her Real Housewives co-stars contacted a psychic and heard that Brooks Ayers' cancer diagnosis was wishy-washy, Meghan immediately began researching. While Edmonds wasn't the one who said that Ayers was faking cancer, she quickly became the person to take the blame for the psychic's comments.

According to a new tweet, Meghan is now revealing that it would be fishy if Vicki Gunvalson broke up with Brooks prior to the Real Housewives reunion, simply so he didn't have to face Edmonds at the reunion. Other Real Housewives co-stars, such as Heather Dubrow and Tamra Barney, could defend Meghan as they were at the meeting with the psychic.

"Is it true that Vicki and Brooks breakup is fake so she could avoid having him at the reunion so you couldn't confront him?" one follower wrote to Meghan, which had her replying, "Good god I don't know! I don't know her! I only smell fish #fishy."

It would definitely be odd if Vicki broke up with him prior to the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion show, simply so he couldn't confront Meghan - and possibly defend himself if he does have cancer. Gunvalson will probably deny this on Real Housewives reunion, but she never clarified why they broke up as the Real Housewives season was airing. The breakup did seem to come out of nowhere.

"I'm scouring the Internet and had looked at a blog, and I saw comments on a blog. And one of the comments – well a couple of comments – were from women claiming to be his ex-girlfriends or whatever, and how like he didn't have cancer," this new Real Housewives star reveals in the next episode, according to Fashion N' Style, adding, "Turns out, one of these two women is from a small town in Mississippi where one of my good friends from college is from. I called my good friend from college, she got me her number, I texted her. And I said, you know, I'm concerned for Brooks' care. I saw that you wrote on this blog that you think that things might not be real. I kinda wanted to learn about that. She did confirm that she dated Brooks."

What do you think Meghan will say on the Real Housewives reunion?

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