‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jake Struggles, Liz Panics, Morgan Threatens, And Nikolas Scrambles

This has been a dramatic week on General Hospital. Spoilers tease that the action continues on Friday’s show as Sonny fights to survive and accusations fly throughout Port Charles. What can viewers expect from the September 11 show?

As viewers saw earlier this week, Jason saved Sonny and TJ, but Corinthos is in very rough shape. Though the doctors are fighting to help Sonny pull through, Patrick warned Carly that this is still a very iffy situation. While General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sonny will survive this one, it may take a bit yet for him to be back on his feet.

Dante exploded at Julian, and there are others suspicious that Julian could be involved as well. We Love Soaps details that Morgan will make a threat on Friday’s episode, and it seems it’s toward Julian. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Morgan will implore Dante to arrest Julian, and surely Dante would love to be able to do that. However, Julian likely isn’t the person who ordered the shooting, and there’s more work to be done yet on the investigation.

According to She Knows Soaps, Michael will pay an emotional visit to his father on Friday’s episode. Despite the difficult times that Michael and Sonny have experienced in their relationship, there is love there, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Michael will tell Sonny he loves him.

Jake rushed in to save Sonny and TJ without a second thought, but the incident sparked some flashbacks for him. It seems he’ll tell Elizabeth about the flashback, which naturally sends her into a bit of a panic. She’ll rush to try to convince Jake that the flashback isn’t necessarily accurate or doesn’t reveal what he may seem to think it does.

As the Official Morgan Corinthos Facebook page teases, Sam will also talk with Jake about the flashbacks. Sam and Jake have been spending a lot of time together, a connection that surely will help lead Jake down the path to realizing he’s Jason. The big reveal is definitely coming, albeit not as quickly as fans would like.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Hayden will push Nikolas for some background on the memory that surfaced for her while Nikolas is getting pressure from Sloane regarding the deals they’ve made. There’s a lot of scheming playing out throughout Port Charles, and viewers are anxious to see how it is all connected. Tune into General Hospital airing weekdays on ABC to see just what comes next.

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]