‘Divergent’ Series Readies for Fourth Installment, No Longer ‘Allegiant Part 2’ [Spoilers]

Divergent series

Fans of the Divergent series are on pins and needles waiting for the next installment to come to the big screen. Of course, most of them have already read the books, so they know what’s coming in general, but that doesn’t matter much when it comes to the movie adaptations. Even though filming on part one of the final movie already wrapped, MTV News reported a big change that may affect the final two movies in a most unexpected way and that, more than anything, has the internet aflutter.

Allegiant is due out in March of 2016 and is based off of the third book in the series, titled Allegiant. The movie is also no longer called Allegiant Part 1; it’s now simply titled Allegiant. This third installment of the series got a brand new tagline to go with it’s new name: “Break the boundaries of your world,” according to E! Online. That’s good and fine, but what has the masses equal parts hopeful and angry is the name change for the series’ fourth movie installment. The movie recently went from Allegiant Part 2 to Ascendant. E! Online also reported that Ascendant also got a new tagline: “The end is never what you expect.”

What does this mean for the ending? Movies tend to take a more broad view of the literary series they’re portraying anyway, finding ways to expand on the ideas already present. While Divergent the movie followed it’s literary counterpart fairly close, fans saw the second movie of the series, Insurgent veer off slightly from the book’s plot. This gave some fans hope that the final movies of the series would also reflect a change in the ending. Those same fans began a petition, now 1,836 strong, to change or at least have two endings to reflect Tris, played by actress Shailene Woodley, living as well as dying. Will they get their wish?