‘Under The Dome’ Is Over, But What Would Have Season 4 Looked Like? [Spoilers]

Remember when Under the Dome premiered and the series seemed at least somewhat promising? Well, three seasons later and four weeks (yes, it was only four weeks) of being trapped for the residents of Chester’s Mill, not only did they get out, but the show ended in a place that was probably as satisfying as it could have been, given the circumstances.

About two weeks ago, TVGuide.com reported that Under the Dome had been canceled and that the September 10 Season 3 finale would be the series finale. Going into the episode, fans knew this would be it. With that announcement came a statement from Nina Tassler, chairman of CBS Entertainment, with the tease stating, “the story comes full circle, with the dome coming down as dramatically as it went up.”

And the dome did come down in the series finale. Since there was really no choice but to work with the Kinship to bring down the dome if they didn’t want to suffocate, Joe finished the device and ended up sacrificing himself, returning to being part of the Kinship to do so. As the military took over and rounded everyone up, Barbie and Eva’s daughter, Dawn, tried to escape, only for Barbie to seemingly help her fall to her death. What followed was a government cover-up of what really happened, with those who showed no signs of infection having to sign off on the official story before being able to go about normal lives.

A year later, Barbie and Julia were happily together and getting engaged, only for Big Jim, who was now a congressman, to show up with some pressing news: Dawn was, in fact, alive. Lily, Big Jim’s chief of staff, and Hunter got together. Norrie joined the military and sneakily gave herself access to those from Chester’s Mill whom the military did not let go, including Joe. Plus, a couple of kids showed Dawn another egg, hinting that everything was just going to start again.

It was an ending that wrapped up some storylines, gave some characters the happy endings they wanted – for example, seeing Barbie and Julia together and Big Jim in a position of power – and executive producer Neal Baer told TVLine that he feels “very satisfied” with the way it ended, even though they didn’t know if the show would be back when they put together the finale.

“We wanted to have a satisfying conclusion that made the audience feel like they had been on this journey and there was an end to it. In a way, we gave ourselves an ending that really ended the show. …Yes, there’s an egg that remains that Dawn has seen, but we can feel confident that our team of Barbie, Julia and Big Jim, along with Norrie, will come to the rescue yet again. We have this very satisfying ending with all of our characters.”

But, if there had been a Season 4 for Under the Dome, what would it have looked like? With another egg on the table, it does seem like the fourth season was setting up a repeat of what Chester’s Mill already went through; there’s a dome and Dawn needs to be stopped. Baer admitted, “it would have been a real challenge.”

“They would have gone someplace else, and the dome would have come down over another place. But then it would be like, ‘Then what?’ Would we do the same thing again?”

Under the Dome aired for three seasons on CBS.

[Image courtesy of CBS]