Parents Recreate Their Daughter’s Selfies With Boyfriend Of 2 Weeks: Emily Musson Jokes Her Mom And Dad Are On Drugs

Plenty of parents might chuckle upon seeing their child’s selfies online. The parents of Emily Musson, a college student who began posting lovey-dovey selfies with her boyfriend of two weeks, Johnny, took it a step further.

As seen in the following screenshot, 55-year-old Nancy Singarella Musson sent her daughter photos of Nancy and her 53-year-old husband, Craig, Emily’s father. The couple, who’ve been together 28 years, obviously have a great sense of humor.


Emily joked that her mom and dad are on drugs because they recreated the crazy selfies that Emily took with her boyfriend, Johnny.

In the photos of Emily and Johnny, Emily can be seen donning pretty makeup and eyeliner as Johnny kisses her neck in one photo. In the others, Emily sticks out her tongue whilst Johnny puts his hand over his mouth. Her parents flawlessly recreated those photos, dressing in all black or dark colors in one black and white photo – with her dad wearing sunglasses and a backwards baseball cap, or “snapback,” just like Johnny.


In the other photos, Nancy puts her hand under her chin and poses tongue out, just like Emily. Apparently, as witnessed by Emily’s Twitter feed, Musson’s parents are hilarious. Her latest “ICE mom” text warns Emily not to pose naked for Playboy now that she’s famous.

Emily agreed not to pose naked for Playboy with the simple reply “Ok” to her mom — or at least to her Twitter followers. The photos have gained plenty of attention online. They were featured on the Today show, were retweeted more than 49,000 times, and gained more than 65,000 likes on Twitter.

Emily is now likely the most famous student at LIM College in New York City, due to her parents’ antics. As far as her newfound Twitter popularity, Emily called it madness – quite surprised at the way a simple tweet of her folks’ photos went worldwide.

“This is all madness.”

As far as Nancy is concerned, all this attention online has made her a superstar and no longer a dork in the eyes of her kids, as she tweeted on Twitter.


This case of the parents recreating selfies might make their children think twice about posting the lovey-dovey type of selfies, just in case their own parents are just as creative and handy with their smartphones.

[Images via Twitter]