Parents of 20-Year-Old Accused Of Planning 9/11 Memorial Bomb Attack Had No Idea

The parents of 20-year-old Joshua Ryne Goldberg, the Florida man who was arrested Thursday for planning a bomb attack on a Kansas City 9/11 memorial, had “no idea” their son was pretending to be an Australian-based Islamic State jihadist online.

According to News 4, neighbors said they weren’t aware that a bomb attack was being planned inside the house until the FBI surrounded the house Thursday morning.

Apparently neither did Goldberg’s parents, who, when asked what they knew about their son planning the bomb attack, responded “not until today.”

“…there hasn’t even been an initial hearing yet, so we have no idea what was going on. We had no idea.”

Most of the neighbors had no idea the 20-year-old even lived there. Ronald, a neighbor, said his grandson would play with children at the Goldberg’s home.

“What do you think I think of it? It’s crazy. Obviously the guy’s not right in the head. He stayed upstairs in the back bedroom, [my grandson] never knew the guy lived there.”

Other neighbors, like Ed Staple, were absolutely shocked.

“Boy, you never know where it’s safe, do you? This is a very quiet and safe neighborhood.”

Joshua Ryne Goldberg was arrested for planning to bomb a Kansas City 9/11 memorial. He gave instructions on how to build a bomb out of a pressure cooker and instructed an online associate to fill the bomb with nails and metal dipped in rat poison, according to KSLA.

He did not realize was that his online bomb building associate was actually an FBI informant.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Goldberg told the informant that he had never made a bomb but had “studied how to make them.” He instructed the associate to place the bomb “near the crowd” at the Kansas City 9/11 memorial.

“Get FAR away from the bomb, brother. There’s going to be chaos when it goes off. Shrapnel, blood and panicking kuffar will be everywhere.”

According to the official affidavit, Goldberg admitted to planning the bomb attack on the memorial. He thought either his associate would die making the bomb or go through with the bomb attack, at which point Goldberg planned to alert law enforcement about the bomb so he could be a hero.

For distributing the bomb information, Goldberg is being charged with a violation of the illegal distribution of information relating to explosives, destructive devices, and weapons of mass destruction. He faces up to 20 years in federal prison if found guilty of planning to bomb the Kansas City 9/11 memorial.

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