Watch Little JoJo Adamantly Explain To Her Daddy Why She Is ‘Not A Princess’

JoJo is a pragmatic child, who looks at the world realistically. One thing she is not — she is not a princess.

Unlike most little girls, she has no time for make-believe and is bound and determined to explain why her daddy should not call her a princess.

Even though her daddy, Jason Lomelino, who posted a video of the discussion to YouTube, apparently wants to call his little girl his princess, she clearly is opposed to the idea and, in her eyes, with good reason.

As reported by AOL, it’s fairly obvious why JoJo should not be called a princess and she tries to explain her case to her dad, who can’t quite seem to agree with her.

For one, JoJo doesn’t have a sparkly bracelet or other accessories that princesses usually wear, so there’s no way she can be one. Logically, that means that mom and dad aren’t a king and queen either.

“I don’t have a sparkly bwacelet so how can I be a pwincess. Them have spawkly bwace… bwake… bwacelets.”

She also explains that she just doesn’t possess the necessary attire to be a princess. In fact, princesses have to wear dress up dresses every single day and her little pink dress is far too normal to be a princess dress.

“Them have prettier dresses than this. It’s just a normal dress, not a dress up one. And this is not as pretty as dress up ones.”

As reported by BuzzFeed, it’s also fairly obvious to JoJo that she isn’t a princess because she doesn’t possess a tiara.

“And them have really, really sparkly pwincess headbands.”

When her daddy explained that princesses remove their tiaras to take shows, that’s when JoJo lost it a little.

“I need to tell you something. No, them don’t get dirty. Them don’t take showers. And don’t know about princesses, OK? Them do clean stuff, not dirty stuff.”

Indignant, JoJo reminds her daddy that princesses are not real and only appear in movies and suggests he might want to get educated on the subject by watching a few princess movies.

Finally, Jojo concludes her reasoning and appears confident that she has proven her point. In her final arguments, JoJo reiterates that she is most definitely not a princess and therefore, should not be called one.

“I’m not a princess at all and I don’t have a single bracelet. I’m NOT a princess.”

Case closed.

[Image via YouTube screen capture]