Josh Scobee Misses Two Field Goals, Becomes Butt Of Jokes On Twitter

NFL player Josh Scobee made headlines during last night’s Steelers vs Patriots game for the wrong reasons.

The Pittsburgh Steelers kicker missed two field goals in his big debut playing for the six-time Super Bowl champions.

Even though the 33-year-old Louisiana Tech alum was an all-time scorer for the Jacksonville Jaguars, he did not reflect that type of reputation during his first two field goal attempts of the game.

According to ESPN, Josh Scobee missed field goal attempts of 44 and 46 yards wide right. Fortunately, Scobee was apparently able to dust himself off and end the first half with a successful 44-yard field goal attempt.

However, quite a few fans and critics added the six points that he allowed to slip through his fingers to the list of reasons why the Steelers lost the game 28-21.

It did not take very long for Scobee to become a primary target for jokes and mockery via social media. For instance, a lot of people took shots at the placekicker on Twitter.

a brief look at josh scobee

— Patriots & chill (@FauxGaroppolo) September 11, 2015

The Jacksonville Jaguars signed Josh Scobee after selecting him in the fifth round of the 2004 NFL Draft. After 11 seasons, though, the team traded Scobee to the Pittsburgh Steelers in exchange for a sixth-round draft pick.

According to ESPN, the Steelers needed a kicker for their current season line-up after Shaun Peters suffered a torn ACL during the opening game of the preseason. Peters’ replacement, Garrett Hartley, later injured his hamstring on August 29.

It was apparently perfect timing for the Jacksonville Jaguars to trade Scobee. The report states that the success of rookie Jason Myers during the preseason and the team’s training camp essentially made Scobee expendable. In a strategic move to secure Myers on the team, Jaguar GM David Caldwell decided to trade his longtime kicker to another team.

In a locker room interview conducted earlier this month, according to It’s a Steelers World, Josh Scobee opened up about his initial reaction when he heard the news of his confirmed trade.

“I got the phone call that I was going to get traded. But, when they told me who it was to, there was genuine excitement there because of the history of this franchise and where the team is going. I mean, the possibilities for this season are there to win a championship and I’m excited to be a part of that.”

Josh Scobee will have plenty of time to get rid of any kinks and practice effective field goal kicking before the Steelers’ next game against the San Francisco 49ers on September 20, according to the NFL website.

[Image Credit: Scott Halleran/Getty Images]