In Upscale Minnesota Home, A Grim Scene: Five Found Dead, Among Them Three Kids

Neighbors are in shock as they share memories and kind words about a family of five found dead in their $2 million home, nestled in a quiet, upscale street in Minnesota.

Police described the scene inside the home as “unspeakable” and “grim”, all five family members — a mother, father, and three teenagers — succumbed to unspecified, severe injuries, The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.

Though the crime scene is being called “complex,” thus far authorities have indicated the deaths may be a multiple murder suicide. Neighbor Doug Plocek spoke to several media outlets, echoing the words of many on this upscale street in Greenwood, Minnesota.

“The neighbors went into shock. To me, there was no indication whatsoever how that could have happened. We’ve never even had a break-in. To have something of this magnitude and it involves children — it just tears me apart.”

Though police haven’t officially released the names of the five found dead, word has leaked revealing their identities.


The five members of the Minnesota family were found dead after the father’s co-workers asked officers to check on him; he hadn’t reported to work in a couple days. On Sunday, a friend sent him a text and was surprised when he didn’t answer. The children also hadn’t been seen in school and another friend, Toni Plante, texted the mother but received no answer. One of the daughters had missed the first day of school.

When Minnesota police entered the home, they reportedly were greeted by a small dog, according to The Associated Press, but were soon confronted with carnage. One victim was found dead in a bedroom; once backup arrived, they found four more — three in the basement and a fifth in the garage.

All had suffered injuries described as traumatic and severe. South Lake Minnetonka interim Police Chief Mike Siitari said the scene was difficult for officers to deal with; in 30 years of service, Siitari had never seen anything so disturbing.

“There are no words to describe it. … It’s a tragedy. This is a tough one to handle.”

Some details have emerged about the lives of the five people who have been found dead in this unassuming, quiet Minnesota neighborhood. The father was a cardiac nurse who founded an online nursing business; the mother was described as lovely; the children were said to be polite. Overall, neighbors said the family seemed happy. Extended family declined to comment.

They moved to their home in Greenwood, Minnesota — a close-knit community of only 700 people — a few years ago, WCCO added. Though apparently wealthy, neighbor Jodie Gorence said they were kind.

“They were never showy. They were down-to-earth people. Wealthy people who were down to earth. Whatever the reason is. I hope they’re in a better place right now.”

Autopsies are pending and the school the children attended is offering counseling services to their classmates.

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