Find Out Which ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Actor Is Actually Squeamish About Blood

Out of all the new Fear The Walking Dead characters introduced by AMC, there is only one main character who has some sort of useful skill when it comes to the end of the world arriving: Liza, the nursing student. However, the actor who plays this character is actually squeamish when it comes to blood.

Liza Ortiz (played by Elizabeth Rodriguez) is a student nurse in Fear The Walking Dead, so it is her skills that will likely be the most helpful, at least at the start of the zombie apocalypse. While there is nothing much that can be done for a zombie bite, Liza will be able to supply much needed medical aid to those who suffer minor injuries arising from fleeing the undead And, as Elizabeth has suggested before, her character will bring a unique perspective as well as much needed background information about zombies. But, for Elizabeth Rodriguez, nursing is the very last profession she would chose due to the fact that she is uncomfortable dealing with all the blood and gore, she recently explained to Fox News.

“I knew I wasn’t good with blood, but doing medical things and seeing special effects like bones sticking out of people… it was traumatic!”

AMC has constantly reminded fans that Fear The Walking Dead will be about the human aspect of the “tight-knit family unit” rather than all about the zombies, something Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, agreed with when interviewed by IGN.

“One of the things we’re trying to play with this tight-knit family unit in Fear the Walking Dead is this concept of an extended unique family. What we have is Madison (Kim Dickens) and her family and we have Travis (Cliff Curtis) and his family. They’re building a relationship. They’re getting ready to be married. Civilization is crumbling around them. They both have kids from separate marriages. It’s just an interesting family dynamic to deal with in any story.”

So, it is for this reason that Elizabeth Rodriguez decided to audition for Fear The Walking Dead. Besides all the blood and gore her character would be faced with, it was the human elements that she was keen to explore. “It made me think about the day-to-day people that survived [disasters] in the world since the beginning of time. How do they feed their children? How quickly do we go from having everything and taking it for granted to having almost nothing?”she told Fox News.

Fear The Walking Dead returns with Episode 3 (entitled “The Dog”) this Sunday, September 13, 2015.

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[Image credit: AMC]