THAT ‘Game Of Thrones’ Character Is NOT Dead, And Here’s Why

Since the end of Game of Thrones season six, there have been questions regarding a certain character. The actor and show runners have said he is dead, but fans continue to refuse to believe them. After all, the show runners have lied in the past. They said no flashbacks, dreams, or prophesies, and all three have now been used!

That particular Game of Thrones character is Jon Snow. Kit Harington recently shared on Today that he could not say whether his character would “survive the next season with his head intact.” There was nothing to say that he was not going to be in season six. Maybe Harington failed to hear the question correctly or people are reading too much into it, but it certainly suggests that he is back for the some of the season at least.

Many still refuse to believe that he is dead because he has been continuously spotted in Northern Ireland, where the filming for the Wall scenes takes place. The Independent reports now that he has been spotted with Iwan Rheon (Ramsey Bolton) off set and also spotted possibly taking part in a major battle for the season. Seeing him for a week could be explained as a funeral or a quick flashback, but seeing him for longer periods of time suggests that he is coming back to Game of Thrones.

Considering all the speculation around his parentage, it does not make sense to kill the character off. The Week reported back in March that the show runners had to answer the question of who Jon Snow’s mother was before George R.R. Martin allowed them to turn his books into a TV show. The show runners got the answer right, and it looks like it really is something that will eventually be answered on the show. The only way that would make sense is for Jon to finally find out the truth that has been hidden from him all his life.

There are various ways the character could be brought back to Game of Thrones. Bringing Melisandre back to the Wall seems to foreshadow something. She could use her magic to bring him back, considering the way she left the last conversation with him. She wants him to fight for his country and not for the Night’s Watch, and this is something he could technically do if he has died and been brought to life on Game of Thrones; technically his watch has ended.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]