iPhone 6S Battery Life Still Poor, Among Other Issues

The battery life of the iPhone 6S continues to be poor, among other issues that have left Apple fans disappointed. It has led to some people choosing Android phones, especially the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, over the new Apple iPhone. The Plus model of the phone is slightly better than the smaller version, but still is no improvement on its predecessor.

Apple’s new phone was revealed on September 9, but many people had already looked into the specifications for the device. CNET reports that it and some other publications wanted to find out what users wanted. An improved battery life was among the most favored. Many people complain that they barely get 24 hours use out of their phones, even with low use.

Fans were instantly disappointed when Apple released the specifications, showing no change in the battery life of the iPhone 6S. In fact, the capacity of the battery is lower than last year’s model. When it comes to the Plus model, there is no confirmation, but a drop in the capacity in that model is expected.

There is no confirmation why this has happened. Apple will need more space for its new 3D Touch feature, which could mean sacrificing some battery size.

Some publications recommend users not to upgrade to the new iPhone 6S or the 6S Plus. This advice is mainly targeted to those who are out of a contract now or coming to the end of their contract. If their old device is still working perfectly, there is no need to upgrade to a new phone and spend extra unnecessary money. The people offering this advice do not believe the new phone is any better than its predecessors, including the 5S.

U.S. News reports that the iPhone 5S should run on the new iOS 9 system. Louis Ramirez, DealNews’ features writer, does say that users should wait for others to install the new operating system first. This would help determine whether the new system will work flawlessly on older models. If a new phone is required, he goes on to say that last year’s model is still better value than this year’s.

Those who really want the new phone are being advised to wait. The phone will be expensive first, but will get cheaper over time. This will also give Apple fans a chance to see what it is like for other users, and how the battery life affects them.

There are some who have switched over to Samsung already, but others are waiting. The problem is the lack of battery update isn’t the only flaw in the iPhone 6S putting people off the device.

[Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]