Harry Styles Takes A Crotch Shot, Might Star In New Movie [Video]

Harry Styles is going to be very glad when One Direction takes a break from touring next year. The pop star spends too much time dodging dangerous projectiles while he’s performing, and one of them recently hit him in a very sensitive spot.

Fans love throwing things at One Direction during the band’s performances, and poor Harry Styles seems to be Directioners’ favorite target. According to Hollywood Life, the singer’s latest close encounter with a flying object happened during One Direction’s September 9 performance in Ottawa, Canada.

Harry was having a blast blasting the crowd with water, and one excited fan decided that she wanted to turn the shower into a water war by answering Harry’s fire. Unfortunately, the water she threw back at him was in a plastic container, and it hit Harry Styles directly in the crotch. It looks like Harry tried to catch the bottle between his legs, but he was in too much pain to close his thigh gap in time.

This isn’t Harry Styles’ first uncomfortable experience with a fan’s drink. Just last week, he was hit in the face with a Red Bull can full of water. These incidents are becoming so common that Harry’s mother, Anne Twist, recently took to Twitter to scold fans for throwing things at her son.

If Anne wants to save Harry from losing an eye or any other body parts, perhaps she should try convincing him that he should give up music for a movie career. According to the Daily Star, a source recently revealed that writer Jennifer Saunders wants Harry to star in the upcoming Absolutely Fabulous movie based on the popular British TV series of the same name. He would play a love interest for Patsy Stone, the promiscuous, perpetually high magazine editor whose bad behavior has delighted viewers for years.

Harry Styles gained a reputation for enjoying the company of older women when he dated Caroline Flack early on in his career, but Patsy would probably be his oldest conquest by far. The actress who plays the beloved character, Joanna Lumley, is 69 years old.

Harry might decide that he’s not cut out for acting while he explores his options during One Direction’s upcoming break. If he does, filmmakers who are looking for the perfect man bun shouldn’t despair — there’s another hot young star with similar hair. During a recent interview with MTV News, Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield joked about the possibility of starring in a biopic about Harry Styles.

“I’m petitioning,” Garfield joked. “I’m campaigning, subliminally. Just, like… is his life full and rich enough to have a biopic done about it yet? It’s time. He’s what, 21? It’s time. You’ve got me.”

If Andrew Garfield does play Harry Styles in Man Bun: The Movie, hopefully he gets a stunt double for that bottle-to-the-crotch scene.

[Image credit: Jason Merritt/Getty]