WWE News: WWE Said To Be Very Interested In Bringing Back Legendary WWE Tag Team The Hardy Boyz

It has been a running thought that WWE will bring back anyone who can make them money no matter how they left the company. Bret Hart and the Ultimate Warrior are just two examples of this. Due to this fact, WWE will, of course, want to bring back a few men who may have had their issues with WWE but were no worse than any other on the roster.

The Hardy Boyz, made up of real-life brothers Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy, could be one of the most popular tag teams of all time. When asked about a return to WWE, both guys have mentioned they have an interest in it if the time and deal were right. It looks like WWE might finally have some interest.

As the Inquisitr reported a few days ago, there has been internal talk of bringing back Jeff Hardy before. After a vote was put on WWE.com about people fans want to see come back, Hardy led the vote by over 20,000 at the time. His brother, Matt, was also on the list and got several votes. The idea is that WWE put the vote up just to see if there was still interest in the Hardy brothers.

On top of all of this, according to Cageside Seats, WWE has seen the positive reaction to bringing back the Dudley Boyz as well as Edge and Christian, which made them believe that slightly older talent being brought back could be good for the company. The reaction to the Dudley’s alone has given WWE a reason to look at Matt and Jeff Hardy once again.

Hardys Dudleys

It is said that if the fan love is there, WWE would be willing to overlook the brothers’ past troubles, especially since both have been clean for the last few years now. Ever since Jeff Hardy got help after the infamous TNA Victory Road incident, he has been a new guy. Fan love is certainly there, so it’s all a waiting game for now.

This is a big deal for WWE and the Hardy Boyz.

Matt and Jeff Hardy are both good singles workers and in great shape. Jeff’s leg has been healing up well and very well could be good to go by next year if WWE were to call.

The problem is that Jeff Hardy’s deal with TNA is up in February of 2016. TNA could let him out of his deal, but this may only happen for TNA to save money. Few people are under guaranteed deals right now with TNA. Matt Hardy is on a per-date deal himself.

This means that if WWE were to have interest and TNA didn’t let Jeff out of his deal, both brothers could be with WWE a little bit after WrestleMania 32. This is mainly due to Jeff potentially having a non-compete added to his contract upon expiration or release. However, if TNA lets them out this month, for example, they would be clear to return to WWE by the TLC PPV. If Jeff does not have a non-compete clause, they could actually be with WWE before WrestleMania takes place or come back the night after on the big WWE RAW show.

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