WWE News: Michael ‘PS’ Hayes And The Fabulous Freebirds Set For Induction In 2016 WWE Hall Of Fame

WWE has had several top stars come through it’s company. Some of the stars have been so big that they were sure fire WWE Hall of Famers seemingly the moment they stepped foot in a WWE ring. Others needed work to find their way, but eventually became a part of the hallowed Hall. WWE’s Hall of Fame has become quite prestigious as only the best of the best have been invited to join.

One man and one group that may be long overdue for their WWE Hall of Fame spot is Michael “PS” Hayes and The Fabulous Freebirds. Hayes as well as the Freebirds were massive names for WCCW and various other companies in their time. They were the key rivals to the Von Erich clan in WCCW and will go down as one of the best groups in pro-wrestling history.

They even have their own rule named after them, called the “Freebird rule.” It is a rule that allows a group of three, and potentially more, the opportunity to have any member of a group defend a certain company’s tag team championship. It has become such a popular rule that just about every pro-wrestling company recognizes it and actually uses it on a a regular basis.

The Freebirds were made up of three men originally, which was actually quite a unique concept at the time. The members of the group were of course Michael “PS.” Hayes along with Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy, and Buddy “Jack” Roberts. Jimmy Garvin is thrown in for fun as well for many, but he is not part of the original three. The group was active in the 1980’s and 1990’s although they originally formed in 1979.


The group was originally made up due to the fact that all three men had talent, but felt it would be better for them to team up and work in gang-style concept to take out various people to get ahead. This was a huge hit in Texas where they fought with the Von Erich clan.

That is why it is now interesting to note that WWE is considering them for the WWE Hall of Fame according to Cageside Seats. Hayes happens to be celebrating his 20th year with WWE as a road agent/producer/writer. WrestleMania 32 also happens to be taking place from Dallas, Texas this year. Since Hayes’ 20th year of work with WWE is underway and the Freebirds were Texas favorites, it does appear to make the most sense now more than ever to induct one of the greatest groups in the history of pro-wrestling.

Long overdue, the Fabulous Freebirds would truly be a great group to have in the WWE Hall of Fame. People within WWE have called for them to be inducted for years. In fact, Edge and Christian, as well as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin himself, threw out the Freebirds for the WWE Hall of Fame on the Stone Cold Podcast this past week. Jim Ross has called for the induction in numerous Legends of Wrestling Roundtables for WWE as well.

Sadly, both Gordy and Roberts have passed away, leaving only Hayes as the lone Freebird left standing from the original three. He will obviously be accepting for his partners as well as himself. Jimmy Garvin is still alive, but it can be assumed that he will not be part of the group going in. He would make sense as a great person to induct the trio however, so Garvin may very well be seen at the WWE Hall of Fame. It is said to be a lock that the Freebirds go in, but we will most likely see WWE confirm it near WrestleMania time as usual.

[IMG Credits: pl.wwe.com, wrestlingnews.co]